*Each pair of chopsticks comes with a steel chopstick rest.

After raising $134,835 on our last two titanium chopsticks, we are back with a new version of chopsticks: Solid Titanium Crystal.

Made of 100% Titanium, Woerden chopsticks are durable, eco-friendly and hygienic!

Traditional wooden chopsticks can harm our environment and our bodies. It takes one aspen tree just to make a few thousand disposable chopsticks. Each year we lose thousands of acres to deforestation just from these disposable chopsticks!

Not only do disposable chopsticks result in deforestation, they harbor bacteria in microscopic crevices. Plastic or rubber chopsticks will produce harmful substances to the human body over time. Steel chopsticks can make some people allergic and have an unpleasant metal smell and taste.

We're solving all of these problems with the most durable, eco-friendly and hygienic chopsticks CNC milled from a single piece of solid 100% Grade 1 (CP1) Titanium! CP1 is the purest form of Titanium that is the most resistant to corrosion.

Our new Solid Crystal Titanium Chopsticks have the same delicate design as our polished chopsticks, but we used a special process to heat the titanium in a vacuum at just the right temperature to create an easier-to-clean crystal finish that looks incredible.

  • The cubic design of the tops prevents chopsticks from rolling away while the tips are cylindrical design, which integrates the ancient ideas of the orbicular sky and rectangular Earth.
  • The slim tips make them easier to pick up even small amounts of food, for example, picking out the fish bones and peppercorns.
  • The convex groovesmake them more convenient for gripping dishes, or even heavy food.
  • With the highest strength-to-density ratio, our chopsticks never warp or blend like wooden or plastic chopsticks.
  • 9 inches in length, 1.8 oz. Perfect weight for balance and offer a better more comfortable experience.

Our new chopsticks have a stylish and unique crystal finish. Mill finish titanium sheets or plates are secured in custom fixtures in a specialized furnace where the vacuum is equivalent to outer space. The furnace is gradually heated to near the melting temperature.

During this precision-controlled cycle, the titanium's natural crystal structure begins to enlarge and re-orientate. The crystals grow in a columnar pattern across the thickness of the titanium. A transition from hexagonal to cubic crystal alignment creates uniquely faceted specular crystals.The resulting crystallized structure is only available in titanium.

Our chopsticks offer an appropriate gripping forcethat will lock onto the food you are trying to pick up. A beautiful addition to your dining set! Perfect for everyday use.

Our solid Titanium chopsticks will get noticed when you are eating in public. A chopstick travel case and elegant box for free. Take your clean Titanium chopsticks with you anytime and anywhere, and no need to worry about the dirty tableware restaurants provide.


  • Length: 9 inch
  • Weight: 1.6 oz

WOERDEN DESIGNS raised $118,000 on Kickstarter to bring these chopsticks to life. Get yours now!

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Gun-Ho Kim
Cu, Ti sphere

They change the atmosphere in my room, simplifying mind.

Mark S
Solid Titanium Chopsticks? Absolutely!

These chopsticks are a work of art! The weight is perfect, the balance is superb and the value is excellent. They will last forever! If I had two more hands I would order another set. No more broken splintery evil to the tongue chopsticks for me. Gourmet, homemade or fast food, it all tastes better. This finely crafted set takes one on an exciting adventure with every meal. Even works with cookies and milk! Get a set (or 3) now, your mouth will thank you!

Wow - thank you Mark! We are really happy that you love our Titanium chopsticks so much. :-)

Mack Flynn
Great chopstix

Nice, light and goes through dishwasher well. Had for 3 months without an issue.

Hi Mack, thanks for your feedback. The chopsticks are designed from 100% solid Titanium and are of incredible quality - you shouldn't have any issues with them for a very, very, very long time. :-) Thank you again for shopping with us - we hope to welcome you back soon!

Nellie Villa
These are great! Easy to throw in the dishwasher

These are great! Easy to throw in the dishwasher. They are on the long side and have a really nice feel. The length and size are good, as is the texture. They have a sort of metallic feel which is great.

<p>Hi Nellie, we are really happy that you love your Titanium chopsticks and completely agree that the dishwasher-safe part is a positive! Thank you again for shopping with us and for leaving your review. :)</p>

Kaleb Le
Well Worth the Purchase

These arrived promptly. There are no defects, and they are lighter than you may expect. If you wish to own an aesthetically pleasing, strong pair of chopsticks, don't hesitate to purchase these.

Hi Kaleb, thanks for taking the time to review your Titanium chopsticks! We are delighted to read your kind comments and we hope to welcome you back to very soon. :-)

Ashraf Alvarez
Fancy chopsticks.

I love the way they feel, nice and light plus I love the container. I will see how they hold up.

Thank you for your review Ashraf. The chopsticks are designed to last for life. You can pass them on to the next generation of food lovers! :)

Alivia Dolan
Works as advertised

Good product, well worth buying. I would buy them again. So light!! Simple to clean and easy to carry.

Thank you Alivia! :)

Nadir Good
Loving that!!

i absolutely love them. will be ordering more of them for my familys.

This makes us so happy Nadir. Thank you. :)

Osman Nicholson
Great purchase

I got these for my husband to use while eating. They look very impressive and are easy to use and clean.

Thanks for your review Osman! :)

Elise Lam
A very reliable and useful product!

Looking to get away from disposable chopsticks,these are lightweight,I've only used them a handful of times and not really abused them, but would recommend having them for work or school bag. Reduce, recycle, reuse!

That's amazing Elise, thank you! These chopsticks should last you for a lifetime. We are so happy to be making a difference for the environment. :)

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