ATHLONE Solid Titanium Ring Calendar

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The world's most innovative calendar: solid Titanium or Aluminum machined with precision. Patent pending design!

Match the day of the week to the date with this elegant Titanium calendar

Ourdesign is the coolest way to keep track of the days. Impress your friends with the most unique calendar ever designed.

Just as the moon orbits the earth, our planetary calendar measures the passing days. Made with a solid aluminum ring and solid steel day star, the calendar looks elegant and modern on any desk.

An innovative design with a 7-sided heavy steel day star surrounded by a Titanium or aluminum ring.

Since the steel is much denser, changing the day is a very satisfying click.

Mark special days on your calendar with a dry-erase pen.

And wipe off with ease when done.

Attention to detail: the calendar can also be used as a ruler, since each day is spaced exactly 1 centimeter apart.

We used the highest quality machining in solid metals to achieve a museum-quality calendar.

The minimalist design brings a modern touch to any decor.

The planetary calendar will look at home on any executive's desk.


  • Diameter: 9.87 cm ( 3.88 in )
  • Thickness: 1.6 cm ( 0.63 in )
  • Material: Titanium; Aluminum

Athlone Designs raised over $43,000 on Kickstarter to bring this calendar to life. Get yours now!

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