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Product Description

Esington's mission is to bring you personal productivity in a beautiful way.

A 25 minute timer unlocks productivity. The Esington glass helps you develop a timeboxing habit as quickly and easily as possible. 25 minutes of work, 5 minutes of rest.

The Esington Glass is a powerful motivating force in a simple, elegant and beautiful package. Each Esington Glass is hand blown from a single piece of glass making each vessel unique. They are then quality checked for finish and filled by hand for accurate timing. 

The Esington Method uses the Esington Glass 25 minute hourglass as the timer and boils down to 3 simple steps:

  1. Turn off all distractions
  2. Turn over the glass to activate the 3 cues
  3. Work on a single task until your time runs out

Product Details

Sand Color   Black

Materials   Borosilicate Glass  + Black Silica Sand (no white noise, no stopper)

Measurement  height: 14 cm, diameter: 12 cm

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