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Product Description

The Copper Knucklebone Dexterity Toy is manipulated with the fingers with one or both hands to train dexterity, perform tricks, or to simply pass the time. The solid copper is much denser than nearly any fidget toy out there (besides our own WCu), so it's for more advanced users or those that want to build up your hand muscles. 

  • Pure Copper has the strongest known oligodynamic effect of any pure metals. It will kill germs each time you use it! 
  • Highly polished by hand! It's very satisfying to let it dance between your fingers.
  • Great for those with ADD, ADHD, autism, or Anxiety.

Polar Metals seeks to spice up your life with interesting and unusual metals in unexpected ways.

Product Details

Finish   Mirror Polished

Materials   Pure 99.9% Copper

Measurement  20*60mm 

Weight  89g

- Innovative + Beautiful Tool For Increased Dexterity

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