A Solid Egg that Balances on End: Titanium + Copper

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Get the COMBO! 99.9% solid copper + CP2 solid titanium

"Wait, so it's a solid titanium egg that can balance itself?!"-- Matthew D.

What's the secret to balancing an egg?

Good luck with that!

Most companies offer only dull-finished titanium because polishing titanium is hard work. At Polar Metals, we're famous for our polished Titanium. In fact, we've crowdfunding over $100,000 in polished titanium products so far.

We created a titanium sculpture that could balance itself in some impossible-looking way. This is what they came up with:

Yes, it's a piece of solid CP2 (medical grade) Titanium

Thanks to geometric wizardry, the unique shape of the egg allows it to balance itself. It works even with moderate pushing.

No hidden weights or tricks, just solid titanium with the perfect geometric shape

The construction is CNC-milled from a single piece of solid CP2 (medical grade) Titanium and pure Copper! Each egg is highly polishedby hand to reach our trademark finish.

Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal. It is the most bio-compatible metal in existence. That is why it's often used for body part replacements (especially bone, which can actually grow around it).

It has a solid feel and a perfect fit in your hand!

We went through many iterations with the exact shape and dimensions until we had something that could balance, wobble, and still look like an egg.

Made from solid pure Titanium, the rounded shape of the egg allows you to apply pressure directly and easily to relieve body tension. It's a perfect stress reliever or totem to keep at your desk.

The finish is so perfect it looks like a drop of liquid Titanium or Copper. The coolest possible desk ornament around!

Who is Polar Metals?

At Polar, we seek to spice up your life with interesting and unusual metals in unexpected ways. We've specialized in Titanium, Copper, and Zirconium so far! We are now working on bringing lesser-known metals into the light like Tungsten and Copper Tungsten and other exotic metals. We are true metal lovers.

With your support, we've raised over $115,000 by crowdfunding unusual and interesting metal products. We love metals, and we love the crowdfunding community. We have a perfect fulfillment record with your great support, and we intend to keep it that way!

Polar Metals raised over $24,000 on Kickstarter to bring this product to life. Get yours today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jean-Marc Jacobson
Precisely as expected.

My collection is still incomplete! But nearly there! Beautiful things.

William B
As expected and good quality

Great item. As expected and interesting desktop item.

Todd Hoffman
Beautiful egg

Very nice, polished to a mirror shine, a little tricky to get to balance on end tho

nico residentie

All perfect

Frank A Hernandez DDS
GREAT presentation

they are awesome their weight texture and finish are incredible and i LOVE bugs so the metal spider was great

Thanks Frank - we are really pleased to hear you love them! Welcome back anytime. :)

Keith Kopitz
The eggs and large copper ball

The eggs and the copper ball, are lovely. The finish is amazing. They look great on my entertainment center.

Hi Keith, your entertainment centre sure sounds great. We are truly honored that our designs are worthy. :-) Please come back soon!

Myron Fuller

I only received the copper. Is the titanium coming

Hello Myron, our Customer Service team have informed us that this has now been resolved, - we just want to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchases? Thank you again! :-)

David McGoldrick
It is absolutely beautiful

I received my Egg and it is absolutely beautiful, the size and weight are simply amazing.

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