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A handmade teacup of pure Silver and Rosewood: a Japanese tradition.

Have your tea in style!

Rosewood with 999 silver handmade teacup

A warm cup of tea will always be there to jump-start your morning or calm down your afternoon.

A simple style teacup which combines hard rosewood and pure Silver.

It’s a handmade work of art imbued with Japanese tea culture. We worked with a Japanese traditional Japanese workshop to bring you this carefully crafted specimen. 

A perfect match in nature—rosewood & silver

Our design adopts Japanese rosewood with a hand-burnished surface. Each teacup has its own unique wood grain.

Heart and soul in every detail

Pure silver: made of 999 pure silver, every silver lining (10 grams) is made by hand.

Our design is ergonomic, providing the most comfortable warm curve: a rounded base and a stable stance.

What makes this teacup different?

Holding Rosewood is a warm feeling, but it also insulates you from hot tea. Over time, the wood will develop a unique character depending on the user. Each person will develop a unique imprint on the natural Rosewood surface.

The 10 grams of Silver in the lining is antibacterial, keeping the cup clean and healthy forever.

Silver can soften the water, make tea more savory and mellow. Drinking tea with a pure silver teacup will give you a special taste that no other material can replicate.

Teacup size :Diameter: 6cm    High: 3.9cm    silver content: 10g

Sol Bird Designs raised over $10,000 on Indiegogo crowdfunding to bring this cup to life. Get yours now!

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