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Trance Solid Titanium: The World's Best Ruler

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"This is the coolest ruler I have ever seen!"
"Wow, is this really made of Titanium?!"

The best ruler in the history of mankind: Solid Ti6Al4V  Grade 5 aerospace. Titanium

It's light, it's strong, it's acid and magnet resistant. It's time to take your measurements seriously.

Why do I need a Solid Titanium Ruler?

  • You actually care about the quality of the things you own
  • You think Titanium is just generally awesome and you've been frustrated for years that nobody made a Titanium ruler
  • You want to have the coolest tool in the place
  • You are an educator and want your students to be interested in the tools you use, creating a memorable experience

Why Titanium?

  • The strongest metallic element
  • Shockingly rigid and lightweight
  • Non-magnetic - won't attract metallic filings from other tools
  • Resistant to many acids
  • Extremely high melting point (3034 degrees F)


  • Solid Ti6Al4V  Grade 5 aerospace Titanium
  • 12 inches/30 centimeters
  • 1 mm thin
  • 36.2 grams light
  • Brushed/matte finish

Customer Reviews

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Charles Simet
Quality ruler

Very stiff and well made. Hats off to the support team... I received a ruler that was slightly bent and received a replacement within the week. Great service.

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