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NEW! Now shipping 99.95% purity Tungsten KILO cubes, the purest available anywhere.

Welcome to the ultimate heavy metal

"The weight was a complete surprise. You weren't kidding about how dense it is."
- Nick M.
"Thanks for a terrific Kickstarter idea. I'm giving this to to the foundation of my family - My wife. Symbolic gift for a solid marriage :)"
- Runar P.

It's time to claim elemental superiority with the KILO cube: a solid KILOGRAM cube of 99.95% pure aerospace-grade Tungsten.  

Here is a conversation I have almost daily at my desk:

Passer-by notices cube: "What is that, it looks cool/awesome!"
Me: "It's a solid tungsten cube"
Passer-by tries to pick it up: "What the #$%# why is it so @#$@ heavy!!???"

 Why do I need the KILO cube?

  • You are a metal junkie and need a centerpiece for your collection - pretty much the densest thing you can own in this size.
  • You are an educator and you want to shock your students with the density of Tungsten, creating a memorable experience.
  • You want to have the coolest thing in the office - the ultimate conversation starter. Just watch what happens when someone tries and fails to pick it up from your desk on the first try!
  • You want the ultimate "structure" item to focus on for creative unleashing or meditation

Why Tungsten?

  • 70% denser than lead
  • Denser than Uranium
  • Nearly impossible to melt
  • 4x harder than Titanium
  • 19x denser than water
  • The KILO cube is 99.95% pure tungsten, the purest available anywhere with unmatched density.
Tungsten has the highest melting point of any element.  In fact, you can't easily build a container to melt it.  You have to resort to expensive powder compression methods to form it.  The manufacturing process is truly amazing.  A pressure of 60 tons per square inch is used to create the cube in a giant steel press.
Tungsten is an extremely rare element (only 100 parts per billion in the earth's crust).

"This tungsten cube is a great example of what we call a "structure" in the coaching profession -- something that reminds us to bring focus and attention to positive changes we are seeking to make. Be a positive deviant and get in on this cool Kickstarter." - Margaret Greenberg, Author of Profit From the Positive, McGraw-Hill Professional 


If you want to shock yourself and others with pure density, click Buy Nowabove to grab a KILO cube before they run out!

Trance Metals raised over $487,000 on Kickstarter in 2018 to bring this cube to life. Get yours now!

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