$99 carabiner special PRE-ORDER: Solid Titanium Lifetime Guitar Pick: Polar Metals

$99 carabiner special PRE-ORDER: Solid Titanium Lifetime Guitar Pick: Polar Metals

  • $99.00

Pre-order available! Shipments scheduled for 2/2019

Get a free Solid titanium carabiner and carrying case with this order of 10 picks for $99.

Includes the pick carry case + 1-piece solid titanium carabiner.

Polar Solid Titanium Guitar Pick - the last pick you'll ever need 

Ultra-thin and light. Insane durability - will outlast your guitar and even you! Super strong, solid grip. You won't find ANY other titanium pick at this price and with this level of craftsmanship.  

It looks so cool and makes playing so fun: It encourages you to practice guitar everyday for the new year! 

 Polar pick is a powerful motivating force to learn guitar for your New Year resolution! 

Made of a single piece of 0.3mm thick solid Titanium, it gives you a bright, focused and defined sound. The unique properties of CP4 Grade 1 pure Titanium allow for a thin and light design with a medium-rigid feel.

An elegant case made with quality lifetime leather comes + Titanium ring with each pledge 6+ guitar picks for FREE. (can hold 10 Polar Picks) 

Thoughtful Design  

We thought about different shape designs, but finally we chose the minimalist traditional shape. It gives an appropriate gripping surface for your fingers.     

A pointed tip produces a brighter, clearer, more focused and defined sound! You can also play with the 'top' corners, they will give you a rounder sound.

Only 0.3mm thick! Ultra-thin but super strong. Semi-stiff for all-around playability.  

The ultra-thinness and brushed finish give you a solid killer grip.   

Two colors are available! 

Our Polar blue finish is treated with heat first for the shiny blue patina, and then we gave it an annealing treatment in order to achieve the best hardness and flexibility for playing.

Why 0.3 mm thick?

In order to figure out the best thickness for playing guitar, we tested Titanium picks in different thicknesses of 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.7mm and 0.8mm. 

After may hours of testing, we chose the 0.3mm thick guitar pick.

  • 0.3mm thick pick is exactly for playing, and could be used for both electric and acoustic guitar, both rhythm and lead playing
  • Picks over 0.3 mm thickness are too hard and not flexible to play fast. 
  • Thinner than 0.3mm picks were too thin and began to lose durability after many hours.
  • The hardness is equal to 0.7mm plastic picks, but incredible thinner and gives you a solid feeling.  

The curve makes them glide across the strings with a clean touch.

Why do I need a Titanium guitar pick? 

Regular picks made from nylon, polyethylene, celluloid or plastic are generally weak and wear down quickly.  

Titanium, used extensively in the aerospace industry and medical implants, has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any element and will never tarnish or wear out! Polar Pick is indestructible!   

Titanium delivers the strength, durability and a bright tone that you are looking for. It’s a perfect choice for a guitar pick.  

Live Testing 

When you want to try a high speed precision picking, THIS should be the pick you reach for. It transfers sound vibration much faster than wood or plastic picks. 

Sweep picking, slide, hammer-on, pull-off, tapping, bending, or slap. 

Polar Pick delivers a unique, rich and bright sound.   

It's solid, and nothing but solid Titanium between your fingers.

What my friends said about Polar Pick 

We also make a Solid Titanium Polar Pick Necklace version (The small ring is made of solid pure Titanium too). Be ready to play anytime and anywhere. Also, it’s a good way to encourage you to play everyday!

This will make a great gift for guitar players or those who learning to play for the next year. 

Pledge now and get your Solid Titanium Polar Pick!

Who is Polar Metals?

At Polar, we seek to spice up your life with interesting and unusual metals in unexpected ways. We've specialized inTitanium, Copper and Zirconium so far! And we are also working on bringing lesser known metals into the light like Tungsten and Tungsten Copper. We are true metal lovers.

With your support, we've raised over $74,000 by crowdfunding unusual and interesting metal products. I love metals and I love the crowdfunding community. We have a perfect fulfillment record so far, and we intend to keep it that way!

What people are saying about Polar Metals:

"I just got mine today (possibly yesterday). I couldn’t be more pleased!!!! I spin my pen all the time and this will be so much better! The design/weight/size are perfect. I can’t wait to use it every day!!" -- jason zinn (Solid Titanium and Zirconium Dexterity Toy) 

"THEY ARE AWESOME. Could have used a little more communication, but it actually came in the timeline you stated, so Thank You. I got an item from another companies campaign on the same day as this, 12 months after the timeline they stated, so thanks for delivering when expected."  -- Spencer (Solid Titanium and Zirconium Dexterity Toy) 

“Excellent, excellent, frigging excellent ! ! ! Thanks for combining both campaigns !” -- kevin white (Bad Ass Carabiner) 

"Got mine today!! Great piece of work! I have paltry little in the way of head hair but, a Duck Dynasty beard and, this comb works just great! Now…a Zirconium comb,,,hmmmmm?" -- Karl (Solid Titanium Massage Comb)

“Got mine..............Really Really..COOL....................” -- ET K (Bad Ass Carabiner) 

“Got mine in sunny Scotland and I’m liking it! Warms up really fast and is an excellent shape for self-induced massage. It gets into bits that other shapes find hard to reach. And it just looks nice.” -- Iain Drummond (Titanium Guasha Tool) 

“I’m so glad to see that your products have been so successful. This new new titanium Gua Sha aid is just what I’ve been looking for. I’ve been into the healing arts for well over 40 plus years, and many of your products have proven to be very affective to those I treat me to me as well. I’m and expert rock climber and martial artist and treat many others and myself as well. The benefits of your products are amazing. I hope you will continue to look into healing products… lol, Norman” -- Norman T Miyamoto (Titanium Guasha Tool) 

“I just got mine in the mail yesterday and it’s awesome!!! Writes sooo smooth! Thank you so much for making an awesome product!” -- Courtney McCullough (Polar Stone paper Note) 

“Carrying my Polar Note regularly. Laser-etched logo is very attractive. Appreciated getting a pen rather than the depicted pencil-that was a nice surprise. Thanks for the added gifts.” -- mpq2007 (Polar Stone paper Note) 

“Polar, personality I love your new carabiner. I appears to be super light weight and durable as ell. I can’t wait to get them and use them in my everyday events. I believe you have a winner here and wish you the best.” -- Norman T Miyamoto (Simple Clip Carabiner) 

“Got mine, seems like a solid enough piece. Thanks.” -- Jussi Paasio (1-Piece Carabiner) 

“Arrivati a Merate!! Fantastico e fatto in ottimo materiale!” -- Roberto Gerosa (Wallet Mirror) 

“Awesome!! High quality material!!” -- BRUNO SUDANO (Wallet Mirror) 

“I’m very impressed with the quality of this product! It’s very thin and doesn’t take up much space in my wallet.” -- devonc.merriman (Wallet Mirror)