TITANIUM Puzzle Coasters Set
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Product Description

The puzzle pieces are perfectly sized for most cups. The puzzle-shaped coasters are unique and fun, adding another dimension to your get-togethers. Each piece is an identical titanium bottle opener that fits together perfectly. You'll be the hero of every party!

Athlone Titanium puzzle coaster set solves problems we had at our own parties:

  • Nobody uses coasters, because they are usually wet, dirty and stacked
  • Everyone is always looking for a bottle opener (usually an ugly one)
  • If people do use coasters, they are a pain to unstack and clean
  • A lot of coasters we were using were not environmentally friendly 

Each piece is thick, solid titanium. It will last forever and never corrode.

Athlone Designs seeks to make cool things out of metal.

Product Details

  • Materials   Titanium
  • Measurement   70*70*2 mm
  • Weight   43 mm

Shipping Information

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