Solid Zirconium Chopsticks (last 6 pairs!)

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Woerden Designs aims to help you create Michelin-star food at home with our Woerden professional kitchenware.

  • Length: 23 cm
  • Weight:  1.8 oz


Introducing solid Zirconium! A rare metal that's more corrosion resistant than even Titanium! A solid Zirconium rest comes with each set of Zirconium chopsticks!

Woerden Designs aims to help you create Michelin-star food at home with our Woerden professional kitchenware.

About Zirconium

  • Used in jewelry and other decoration for centuries
  • Resistance to corrosion: even higher than Titanium
  • Used in delicate surgical applications due to high corrosion resistance
  • Common in cool stars and moon rocks
  • Density: 6.52g/cm3 Zr702 (99.2%+ pure)

Made of solid 100% Titanium, Woerden chopsticks are durable, eco-friendly, and hygienic!

Traditional wooden chopsticks can harm our environment and our bodies. It takes one aspen tree just to make a few thousand disposable chopsticks. Each year we lose thousands of acres to deforestation just from these disposable chopsticks!

Over 70 billion pairs of chopsticks are consumed around the world each year, which needs to cut 14 million aspens and results in deforestation of more than 9300 acres!

Not only do disposable chopsticks result in deforestation, but they also harbor bacteria in microscopic crevices. Plastic or rubber chopsticks will produce harmful substances to the human body over time. Steel chopsticks can make some people allergic and have an unpleasant metal smell and taste.

Being magnified 100x you can clearly see where bacteria can hide in all wooden chopsticks

We're solving all of these problems with the most durable, eco-friendly and hygienic chopsticks CNC milled from a single piece of solid Zirconium.

Woerden Designs Raised over $118,000 on Kickstarter to bring these chopsticks to life. Get yours now!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Todd Hoffman
Really Nice

Beautiful color and polish.

<p></p><p>Hello Todd, thank you so much for leaving your review! The chopsticks are intricately crafted and very unusual so we are really pleased to hear you like them. We hope to welcome you back soon! :-)</p>

Sunti Sri
Quality is good.

Got Zirconium chopstick today. Quality is good.

I received my set of Zirconium chopsticks yesterday.

I received my set of Zirconium chopsticks yesterday, and I am very pleased. The quality and workmanship is excellent, and I look forward to using these. Definitely my favorite set, hands down, just wish they were not so expensive, so I could purchase more. Even though they were late, the wait was worth it.

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