BLACKFOX Titanium Belt: Quick-latch, No Flop!


Our tactical belt has a solid titanium buckle with an innovative quick-latch system. Tuck away the flop!

TitaniumBuckle: 2.9" (L) * 1.8"(W)


  • Medium: 49.2" (L) * 1.5" (W), up to 44" waist
  • Long: 62.2" (L) * 1.5" (W), 44"~55" waist
  • Colors: Black; Green, Tan, Grey


At Black Fox Outdoors, we offer high-quality gear and equipment for all your tactical and outdoor needs. Our 1.2 Ton tactical belt is one of the best-selling belts on the internet with over 100,000 sold!

We've stepped up our game withBlackfox Titanium, our latest belt made from a solid block of Titanium:

BlackFox Titanium: An Innovative Tactical Belt with Titanium Buckle

Our tactical belt has a solid titanium buckle with an innovative quick-buckle system. No more fumbling around with tactical buckles!

Our Blackfox Titanium belt is:

  • Hypo-allergenic: ZEROnickel! Our buckle was made from a single piece of solid pure CP2 Titanium, the most biocompatible and safe metal for the human body.
  • Quick-Release: Hook or unhook in less than a second, without affecting the size adjustment.
  • No Flop: The excess belt, hides behind the buckle for a seamless look with no flopping
  • Infinitely Adjustable: Yourwaist size doesn't change an inch at a time, does it?
  • Contoured buckle: The Titanium buckle lays flat against the contours of your body for maximum comfort
  • Quick-change belt: Switch out the belt colors for a new look
  • Goes with anything: Tough enough for tactical wear, classy enough for a night on the town
  • Tactical WebbedBelt: Tough, thick tactical nylon for maximum belt strength

How it Works

Snap on the belt color of your choice. The thick nylon belt is super easy to loop through.

Slide the end of the belt through the top part of the buckle, The end will slide easily under the buckle, keeping it flat to your body as well as hiding it away seamlessly.

The built-in loop, easily slides over the buckle, securing the belt and keeping it flat to your body. The belt is held in place securely with a tight friction hold.

Adjust the belt to the most comfortable size. You can quickly adjust the belt anytime with a quick cinch.

The belt slides underneath the buckle, hiding it away against your body. This makes for an elegant, sleek look withno belt flop!

When you're ready to take off the belt, simply slide it off the buckle!

A clean and solid look!

No more worn-out, stretched-out, belt holes with our quick-buckle system that lasts longer and conforms to your precise waist size.

Engineered from a high-tensile nylon fiber weave, the strap boasts a breaking strength of over 1.2 tons of force, just like our original 1.2 ton belt.

Our buckle was CNC machined from a single piece of solid pure Titanium (Grade 2).Titanium is the most biocompatible and safe metal for the human body and the only element that our body fully accepts - even bone will grow around it. It iscompletely safe for those with allergy sensitivities(nickel is a common metal allergy and is present in most buckle alloys).

Our Titanium buckle gives your outfit character with 0 nickel content.Experts estimate nearly 20 percent of people in the U.S. are allergic to nickel.

It lies down flat and will not protrude out from the pants or dig into the skin.

Infinitely adjustable!

Consider that as you work, walk, eat, sleep, and play - your waist size naturally fluctuates with you. Unfortunately, traditional belts only offer you 1-inch spaced holes. Who's waist changes 1 inch at a time? Not mine! We made it our mission to make our belt infinitely adjustable as well as make it super-quick to put on and adjust.

Our interchangeable belt takes 2 seconds to mix and match, and unlike leather belts, your buckle swap will not damage or dig holes into the belt. It's built to last!

For any occasion!

Four Colors

The Design

Our background is in high-quality tactical belts. We've sold over 100,000 of our signature 1.2-ton tactical belts since 2014. Obviously, people love our belts! However, we had two points that we could improve upon:

  • Reduce the time it takes to adjust the belt
  • Make it easier to loop through your pant

We had to make several versions to get the shape just right, so the loop would stay in place while wearing it, but slide off on demand

Over the last year, we've tried many different belt designs to see which we liked the best. There wasn't really a design out there that fit all of our customer's needs, which were:

  • super-strong materials, fit for tactical use
  • sleek form-fitting design
  • Extremely easy to latch/unlatch

Our first cut had too big of an angle, making it difficult to latch on. We also decided to bring the edges in a bit, to give it a sleeker look. Titanium is amazingly strong!

Final prototype!

We eventually settled on the above design, we rounded the edge a bit, which helped the loop slide in more easily. We've been wearing these around the office and everybody absolutely loves them!

The curved shape fits your body's natural contours.

After several iterations, we settled on the above design, and we used titanium instead of steel because it's much lighter and just as strong, plus it won't ever stain, rust or tarnish and solves the nickel allergy problem most metal belts have.

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