Kranite Mystery Chest / Mystery Box


One of our most popular products on

A surprise collection of your favorite items


Each box is custom-made to order, and there are new items every week! We will also check your order history and try to surprise you with new items! 

  • Any retail item on
  • Prototypes or samples
  • Unusual finds from factory visits (like element samples)
  • Rare or unique items that are available through Mystery chests only
  • Imperfect items

An exciting way to discover some real treasure!

Mystery Assortment
We will dazzle you with a random assortment of treasures!

Everyday Carry
A collection of items you can fit in your pocket or keychain.

Totally Titanium
For Titanium lovers! Solid Titanium objects only.

Healthy Eating
Food and drink items made from Titanium or other rare, healthy metals. 

Desktop Metal
Solid pieces of metal for displaying on your desk.

Have a Youtube channel?

Send us a link to your unboxing video (! We will occasionally post your videos to this page to help you get more views, and give people an idea of what to expect from our Custom Chests!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gary Johnson
Love em

I have purchased several mystery boxes and each one is really a treat. High quality goodies, they don’t skimp

Joe Porter
Definitely a Fun Buy

My pack was full of titanium trinkets. I chose the edc pack. I think I would have preferred a different theme since I won’t use most of what I received. The products are worth more than I spent. They are good items, and Kranite delivered a powerful value for my money.

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