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Our Spheroid idea was inpsired by our successful Copper Spheres Campaign on Kickstarter. After dozens of iterations, paper and 3D mockups, we settled on a shape. We struggled with the exact size and shape since we wanted something thin enough to carry around, but we couldn't accept any bends or edges. 


Choosing among dozens of curves for the perfect feel
Choosing among dozens of curves for the perfect feel

We wanted something we could fit in a wallet, but would feel natural in the hand. Even once we settled on a basic shape, we had variations in the mathematical formula that describes the exact nature of the curves.

The incredible quality and finish on the jewel prototypes shocked us
The incredible quality and finish on the jewel prototypes shocked us

We settled on what's called an oblate spheroid - basically a flattened sphere. When the prototypes came back, we instantly knew we had what we were looking for: A solid portable sphere replacement that induced that same magical feeling the sphere gave us. In fact, I think the Jewel spheroid feels even better in the hand than the sphere, and the portability is better than expected for daily use.

Slides unnoticed into your pocket


Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal. It also has the most corrosion resistance, which makes it very neutral to touch. Often, Titanium parts are often used in replacement body part surgeries because of these properties.

Titanium must be machined carefully with extra-sharp cutting tools and proper cooling in order to get the mirror finish we achieve. You will not often see highly polished titanium surfaces because of this.

After making the Jewel prototype, we noticed a few things:       

Our manufacturer shocked us again with the quality of the prototypes. This is the same manufacturer that we used for the perfect spheres (our last project) and they have definitely delivered once again.  Just take a look at the prototype gift box (included with all pledges):

3d mockup of included gift box and packing set

Solid Titanium Jewel 

  • 116 grams
  • 7 cm diameter x 1 cm thickness
  • 99.3+% solid Titanium

Solid Iron Jewel 

  • 202 grams
  • 7 cm diameter x 1 cm thickness
  • 99.9+% solid Iron


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