Solid Titanium Lifetime Guitar Pick


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Solid titanium guitar picks that last a lifetime


Resolve to learn guitar for your new year's resolutions! Incredibly light and thin. Super strong, solid grip. Solid CP4 Titanium.

Ultra-thin and light. Insane durability - will outlast your guitar and even you! Super strong, solid grip. You won't find ANY other titanium pick at this price and with this level of craftsmanship.  

It looks so cool and makes playing so fun: It encourages you to practice guitar every day for the new year! 

Made of a single piece of 0.3mm thick solid Titanium, it gives you a bright, focused and defined sound. The unique properties of CP4 Grade 1 pure Titanium allow for a thin and light design with a medium-rigid feel.

Minimalist Design

We thought about different shape designs, but we finally chose the minimalist traditional shape. It gives an appropriate gripping surface for your fingers.     

A pointed tip produces a brighter, clearer, more focused and defined sound! You can also play with the 'top' corners, they will give you a rounder sound. 

Only 0.3mm thick! Ultra-thin but super strong. Semi-stiff for all-around playability.  

The ultra-thinness and brushed finish give you a solid killer grip.   

Why 0.3 mm thick?

In order to figure out the best thickness for playing guitar, we tested Titanium picks in different thicknesses of 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.7mm, and 0.8mm. 

After many hours of testing, we chose the 0.3mm thick guitar pick.

  • 0.3mm thick pick is exactly for playing, and could be used for both electric and acoustic guitar, both rhythm and lead playing
  • Picks over 0.3 mm thickness are too hard and not flexible to play fast. 
  • Thinner than 0.3mm picks were too thin and began to lose durability after many hours.
  • The hardness is equal to 0.7mm plastic picks, but incredibly thinner and gives you a solid feeling.  

The curve makes them glide across the strings with a clean touch. 

Regular picks made from nylon, polyethylene, celluloid or plastic are generally weak and wear down quickly.  

Titanium, used extensively in the aerospace industry and medical implants, has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any element and will never tarnish or wear out! Polar Pick is indestructible! It delivers the strength and durability with the bright tone that you are looking for. It’s a perfect choice for a guitar pick.  

Our Polar blue finish is treated with heat first for the shiny blue patina, and then we gave it an annealing treatment in order to achieve the best hardness and flexibility for playing.

This will make a great gift for guitar players or those who plan to learn to play for the new year.  

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