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Mystery Chests (Released every Monday!)


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*** We are out! So sorry! ***


Every Monday, we release a limited supply of Kranite Mystery chests. They go quickly, so be on the lookout for the weekly email announcing new chests!

What's a Mystery Chest?

A Mystery chest is a box filled with Kranite goodies! Chests can include:

  • Any retail item on
  • Prototypes or samples 
  • Returned or imperfect items
  • Unusual finds from factory visits (like element samples)
  • Rare or unique items that are available through Mystery chests only

Mystery chests are an exciting way to find some real treasure! 

Why is there such a limited number?

We want to keep the value of the Mystery chests high, so we're keeping the numbers low. Opening a Mystery chest should always be an exciting, unexpected experience.

Types of Chests available:

$79 MINI chest with a FREE copper puzzle!

A chest with at least 5 items. Includes a raw copper puzzle ($290+ value)!

$99 chest with a FREE copper puzzle and twice the items!

A chest with at least 10 items. Includes a raw copper puzzle ($390+ value)!

$799 High-Value HUGE Chest
A HUGE box with at least 20 items and at least one high-value item that retails for $1000+. Expect at least $2020 in retail value from the items.


Have a Youtube channel?

Send us a link to your unboxing video (! We will occasionally post your videos to this page to help you get more views,  and give people an idea of what to expect from Mystery chests :)

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Loved my surprises

Large Mystery Chest

Loved it! Full of very cool items (including Titanium and Copper) that far exceed the cost! I'll be buying these chests periodically from now on.

Very cool items

I received a mystery box recently after trying for months to order one. It’s a very popular item. Many of the items are useful and will be great gifts to others. Others will be cool to show my students in science class. 

Surprisingly valuable

I’ve received 3 mystery chest and have a 4th on the way. They kept getting better than the last. I was surprised and pleased with how packed the boxes were and how fast they shipped. Bravo!

Best for Metal Lovers!

I've shopped online at many times and I've always had a terrific experience! Highly recommend Kranite to all who love beautiful and unique metal items and gifts.

Nice selection of "oddities"... several of which I was actually looking to purchase individually!

While advertised as odd and ends, scratch and dents, etc... I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the selection and their condition (very good). I just may hit this up again, if offered again come Monday. :)

Very interesting and unique pieces

It is always a nice surprise when you get a mystery box.

Monday Mystery Chest

Loved the Walnut Egg that always returns to standing on end. Love the twirling thingamajig.

A real treasure

A great value...might buy another!

Pandemic Panacea

Trying to do something interesting during an isolating time, my treasure chest from Kranite arrived. It has given me some great hours of respite and fun. Fun at this time? Thanks Kranite for helping me stay sane.

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