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Treasure Chests (Released every Monday!)


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Every Monday, we release a limited supply of Kranite Treasure chests. They go quickly, so be on the lookout for the weekly email announcing new chests!

What's a Treasure Chest?

A treasure chest is a box filled with Kranite goodies! Chests can include:

  • Any retail item on
  • Prototypes or samples 
  • Returned or imperfect items
  • Unusual finds from factory visits (like element samples)
  • Rare or unique items that are available through treasure chests only

Treasure chests are an exciting way to find some real treasure! 

Why is there such a limited number?

We want to keep the value of the treasure chests high, so we're keeping the numbers low. Opening a treasure chest should always be an exciting, unexpected experience.

Types of Chests available:

$39 Treasure Packet

A great way to get a sampling of smaller Kranite items!

$99 Treasure Chest
(a great gift!)
A chest with at least 5 items. Expect at least $170 in retail value from the items.

$499 High-Value Treasure Chest
A small box with at least 7 items and at least one high-value item. Expect at least $920 in retail value from the items.


Have a Youtube channel?

Send us a link to your unboxing video (! We will occasionally post your videos to this page to help you get more views,  and give people an idea of what to expect from treasure chests :)

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