UNIQUE FINDS: Tiffany Studios Golden Bronze Chest

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Immerse yourself in the opulence of historical artistry with the Antique Tiffany Studios New York Bronze Chest (cigar box). This rare artifact crafted from bronze, a testament to a bygone era, proudly carries the stamp of Tiffany Artisans, a surefire sign of unparalleled quality and craftsmanship that dates back over a century.

Crafted in the renowned studios established by Louis Comfort Tiffany in New York in 1880, this exquisite piece harkens back to a period of innovation and artistic excellence. A celebrated figure in the American Art Nouveau movement, Louis Comfort Tiffany is globally recognized for his pioneering works in decorative glass art. The world-renowned Tiffany lamp, one of his most sought-after creations, remains a symbol of artistry and timeless beauty to date.

This cigar box, steeped in history and carrying the golden, aged patina from over the years, embodies the same spirit of elegance and refinement that Louis Comfort Tiffany is celebrated for. Procured from a lifelong Tiffany collector, this piece emanates a sophistication that pairs perfectly with a good cigar and a fine bourbon.

By owning this Antique Tiffany Studios New York Cigar Box, you are not merely acquiring an item, but stepping into a rich lineage of art and timeless elegance. Partake in the luxurious lifestyle initiated by Louis Comfort Tiffany himself, where everyday objects are elevated to the realm of the extraordinary. Treat yourself to this piece of history, a symbol of the timeless elegance and superior craftsmanship that Tiffany's has been renowned for since its inception.

A Perfect Gift For...

This Antique Tiffany Studios New York #1100 Cigar Box is the perfect gift for several types of individuals:

  1. Art Aficionados: Those with an appreciation for Art Nouveau and decorative arts will be fascinated by the legacy and craftsmanship of this piece, rooted in Louis Comfort Tiffany's artistic movement.

  2. History Buffs: This artifact, originating from Tiffany's New York studio in the 1880s, is a tangible piece of history. History enthusiasts would treasure this glimpse into a bygone era.

  3. Luxury Collectors: Individuals who admire and collect luxury items, particularly those with a historic and artistic significance, would greatly appreciate this addition to their collection.

  4. Cigar Connoisseurs: With its original purpose as a cigar box, this could be a unique and upscale accessory for cigar lovers, enhancing their smoking experience with a touch of historical elegance.

  5. Tiffany's Enthusiasts: Any lover of Tiffany's, especially those who admire the work of Louis Comfort Tiffany, would be delighted to own a unique, less conventional piece from the renowned studio.

Gift this timeless piece to anyone you believe would appreciate the rich history, artistry, and sophistication it embodies. It's not just a gift, but a gateway into a realm of elegance from the past.


  • ca. 1905-1910
  • Tiffany Catalog item #1100
  • Bronze Cigar Box, acid-etched
  • 5.25"x 3" x 3.5"
  • Markings: Tiffany Studios New York 1100
  • Designer: Louis Comfort Tiffany
  • Authenticity verified and guaranteed

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