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.50 BMG Silver Titan by Polar Metals


Titan Silver Bullet – for big decision makers

Crafted from 10 ounces of solid .999 pure silver

Experience the thrill of history and the allure of silver with the .50 BMG Silver Titan, a breathtaking tribute to the powerful .50 Browning Machine Gun round. 

Literally 10 times bigger than our .45 ACP bullet:

It's perfect for big decision makers who always hit their mark. 

Constructed entirely from 10 ounces of .999 pure silver, the Silver Titan stands as an impressive symbol of human ingenuity and tactical precision. This meticulously detailed piece, weighing in at a substantial 10 ounces, is modeled after the iconic .50 caliber round, which earned its stripes in long-range target and sniper rifles, as well as formidable machine guns. The sheer power and impressive range of the original .50 BMG are embodied in this solid silver tribute.

The Silver Titan is more than just a bullet—it's a conversation piece, a collectible, and a symbol of the extraordinary capabilities of human engineering. It not only mirrors the distinctive silhouette of the .50 BMG, but also its powerful legacy, earning a place of honor in any collection.

The Silver Titan reflects a sophistication that complements its formidable design. It's not just a nod to history or a piece of art—it's a timeless gift that will appeal to history buffs, military enthusiasts, and precious metal collectors alike.

Make a bold statement with the .50 BMG Silver Titan. Owning this piece is not just owning a product—it's owning a part of history, a symbol of power and resilience, and a celebration of exceptional craftsmanship. Experience the thrill of the .50 BMG Silver Titan and let it be a testament to your extraordinary taste.

A Perfect Gift For...

This .50 BMG Silver Titan makes for a perfect gift for a range of individuals. Consider it for:

  1. Military Enthusiasts: Those with a fascination for military history and weaponry will appreciate the historical significance and precision embodied in this piece.

  2. Collectors: Whether it's coins, stamps, or unique collectibles, this Silver Titan will add a distinctive touch to any collection, boasting both historical and aesthetic appeal.

  3. Precious Metal Investors: Made from .999 pure silver, the Silver Titan is not only an object of beauty but also a solid investment, offering the intrinsic value of the precious metal.

  4. Engineers and Design Lovers: The intricate design and attention to detail make this a delightful piece for those who appreciate well-crafted items.

  5. Problem Solvers and Leaders: The .50 BMG round's reputation as a solution for big problems, coupled with its historical role in leadership, makes this a fitting symbol for those who are known for their problem-solving skills and leadership abilities.

  6. Adventure Lovers: For those who love the thrill of the outdoors, target shooting, or hunting, this silver bullet stands as a symbol of daring adventures and wild landscapes.

  7. Lovers of Unique Gifts: For those hard-to-buy-for individuals who appreciate the unusual and unique, the Silver Titan is sure to be a conversation starter and a gift they won't forget.

  8. Minimalists: Despite its complex symbolism, the Silver Titan has a sleek, minimalist design that will appeal to those who prefer clean lines and simplicity.

Remember, the best gifts are not just about the material value but also about the thought and sentiment behind them. The .50 BMG Silver Titan is a gift that tells a story, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

More About the Titan


  • Material: 10 ounces of .999 Pure Solid Silver
  • Includes display case
  • Weight: Ten ounces Modeled after a .50 BMG round, but crafted in solid .999 silver
  • Craftsmanship: Exquisitely fabricated using CNC machinery for absolute precision and detail.
  • Symbolism: the essence of a BMG round's formidable power and resilience, for those who make monumental impacts Applications:
  • Gift: Ideal for gifting to mentors, leaders, or anyone known for their ability to make big decisions and handle big challenges.
  • Collectible: A priceless addition to any precious metal collection or assortment of distinctive artifacts.
  • Desk Accessory: Enhance the aura of any workspace or display case with the Silver Titan's commanding presence.
  • Keepsake: A classic piece, worthy of being passed down through generations.
Drawing inspiration from the .50 BMG round's renowned power and the allegory of the 'silver bullet' - a symbol of significant and efficient solutions, this impressive .50 BMG Pure Silver Titan by Polar Metals is more than a tangible object; it's a representation of strength and impact. Perfect for the relentless trailblazers who capably navigate through enormous challenges or for those who admire such unwavering spirit, this Silver Titan pays ultimate homage to unyielding power, resilience and determination.

Gift this emblem of tenacity and impact to yourself or the indomitable power-player in your life. Celebrate the undying spirit with the Polar Metals .50 BMG Pure Silver Titan.

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Gary Johnson
Best Silver Bullet ever

Really beautiful, fantastic conversation starter….great gift for the right person

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