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Titanium Bolt Action Pen

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Bolt action 

A titanium pen with a clever bolt-action mechanism

Engineered from a solid piece of Ti6Al4V grade 5 aerospace Titanium. Bolt action mechanism!

  • Weight: 21.5g
  • Length: 122mm (0.48”)

At Polar metals, we've always worked to bring you the best quality titanium products at the best price. Introducing our latest product: Titanium Bolt Action Pen.

It's a machined aero-grade Titanium unibody with a smooth bolt action mechanism!

Extremely smooth writing experience

The Titanium bolt-action pen perfectly combines sophisticated styling that will turn heads every time you use it.

Engineered from a solid piece of Ti6Al4V grade 5 aerospace Titanium, it is shockingly light, durable, and lasts forever!

Lifetime quality & craftsmanship.

Operated by a bolt mechanism that is delightfully satisfying to use. The unique bolt-action shape allows for one fluid motion to advance or retract the refill.

With its stylish silhouette, our ballpoint pen is an impeccable writing instrument that is as contemporary as it is timeless. It fits in your pockets, belt loops, or other bags and backpack loops. Comfortable and lightweight, the perfect companion for any environment.

Full titanium construction ensures this pen will outlast you!
With its elegant look, you'd love to parade with it everywhere be ready for action whenever your next bolt of inspiration strikes.

Whether writing in your journal, taking notes, or drafting letters, the Polar Pen combines classic style and functionality.

Twenty convex groovesdeliver a solid grip. It boasts a perfect balance that sits comfortably in your hand for an extremely smooth writing experience.

Machined from solid Grade 5 Titanium and offered in three different finishes (Polished, Blue, and Matte), and accommodates G2 refills. Each Polar Pen comes with a stylish carrying case made from cappuccino PU vegan leather.

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