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Trance Titanium KILO Cube with Periodic Information

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Raised $31,589 on  Kickstarter

Shockingly dense cubes that will fool your brain! 


A solid cube of pure Titanium etched with periodic information. Each cube comes with a museum presentation base.

Note: Each Titanium Cube is etched with its periodic elemental information on only one sideClick here if you want a cube without etching. 

Titanium KILO 

This is the 3rd in our planned series of KILO presentation cubes that come with a museum display base. We raised $31,589 on Kickstarter with the great support of our backers.

We used a precision machining process to get a cube. A large black of titanium was carefully worked using a CNC. Each cube was ground by hand for a perfect brushed finish.

1 kilogram of the strongest metal: Titanium. Only one side is etched with titanium periodic information.

It's the ultimate desktop display for the metal junkie!

Put the etched side down to display without periodic information.

What Makes Titanium Special?

  • The most biocompatible and safe metal for the human body
  • The only element that your body fully accepts - even bone will grow around it
  • Named after Titans of Greek mythology because of its immense strength 
  • The highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element
  • Shockingly rigid and lightweight, less than half the density of steel
  •  Excellent resistance to corrosion, nearly equivalent to platinum
  • Non-magnetic - won't attract metallic filings from other tools 

The Titanium KILO comes with its own museum base (included). 

  • Solid Acrylic base
  • Brass nameplate
  • Elemental info
  • Perfect for display
  • Museum Quality


  • Material: Pure Titanium
  • Weight: 1000g
  • Size: 6.06cm * 6.06cm * 6.06cm
  • Density: 4.51g/cm3
  • Brushed Finish

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