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Trance Museum KILO Spheres: Titanium | Tungsten | Magnesium | Copper


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Trance Metals is a successful Kickstarter brand that raised over $1.3 million with more than 9000 backers. They design unique heirloom crafts with solid metals like Titanium, Tungsten, Copper, and Magnesium. Trance Metals emphasizes quality above all else.

Each of the KILO presentation cubes or spheres comes with a FREE museum display base. It's the ultimate desktop display for the metal junkie!

  • Tungsten Cube / Sphere - the densest engineering metal
  • Magnesium Cube / Sphere - the least dense engineering metal
  • Titanium Cube / Sphere - the strongest engineering metal
  • Copper Cube / Sphere - the most Oligodynamic metal
  • Silicon Sphere - 99.9999999% pure silicon (Sold Out!)

Tungsten Sphere / Cube

"The density of the Tungsten cube makes for a pleasing contrast with the immaterial nature of cryptocurrency and NFTs. "- James Vincent, the verge

  • 70% denser than lead
  • Denser than Uranium
  • Nearly impossible to melt
  • 4x harder than Titanium
  • 19x denser than water
  • Sample purity: 99.95%
  • Surface finish: cube (brushed); sphere (highly polished)

MagnesiumSphere / Cube

  • 1/10 the density of our Tungsten sample
  • The lightest metal used for engineering
  • only 2/3 the density of Aluminum
  • Highly flammable when powdered or cut into thin strips
  • Extremely important to our health, especially our bones
  • Sample density: 1.80 g/cc
  • Surface finish: brushed

TitaniumSphere / Cube

  • The strongest metallic element
  • Shockingly rigid and lightweight
  • Non-magnetic
  • Resistant to many acids
  • Extremely high melting point (3034 degrees F)
  • Sample density: 4.51 g/cc
  • Surface finish: cube (brushed); sphere (mirror polished)

Copper Sphere / Cube

  • It’s Oligodynamic, which means it naturally kills germs on contact.
  • We each have about 2mg of copper in our body, without which we could not survive.
  • It’s dense - between lead and steel in density
  • Along with gold, the only non-greyish pure metal
  • Takes on its own unique hue over time and can be “reset” to brilliancy with baking soda and water (or salt and vinegar).
  • Sample density: 8.96 g/cc
  • Surface finish: cube (brushed); sphere (mirror polished)

Silicon Sphere

*Sold out!

Silicon KILO Sphere: a TWO YEARS of experimenting
  • A kilogram of silicon-28 goes for about $1.5 million, so we needed a more reasonable alternative.
  • Our sphere would be off-the-shelf crystalline silicon used in making computer processor chips (thank you computer industry!).
  • Our sphere would need to be 0.39% smaller, which is 93.38 mm.
  • Since the CNC lathe we wanted to use in the final process is accurate to about 0.01 mm, this is a significant difference in the input code.
  • Sample purity: 99.9999999%
  • Surface finish: mirror polished

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