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A gold pen, a solid watch, Italian leather shoes. You surround yourself with things that make your environment more beautiful, more connected, more you. Take a look at your desk. What's on it? What does it say about you? The Trance Metals and Polar Metals brands offer exciting ways to enjoy and display the wonder of copper.

Will you choose the Copper KILO Sphere, the self-balancing Copper Egg, or the 10mm Copper Cube?

What is so special about copper?

  • It’s the most Oligodynamic elemental metal, which means it naturally kills germs on contact.
  • We each have about 2mg of copper in our body, without which we could not survive.
  • It’s dense - between lead and steel in density
  • Along with gold, the only non-greyish pure metal
  • Takes on its own unique hue over time and can be “reset” to brilliancy with baking soda and water (or salt and vinegar).

About the Oligodynamic Effect

The chemical element and metal contain antibacterial properties that make it ideal for preventing the growth of certain fungi and bacteria like E. Coli, MRSA, and legionella.

Pure copper prevents growth and even kills bacteria, molds, spores, fungi, viruses, and other organisms. The exact cause is unknown, but it's likely that the ions denature the protein of the cells by binding to reactive groups (precipitating and inactivating them). Copper has the strongest known oligodynamic effect of all pure metals.

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