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Polar Coffee Cup Heat Engine


Heat engine demonstration using your coffee cup

Unleashing the Power of Heat with CNC shaped aluminum and a titanium cylinder

Polar Coffee Cup Heat Engine

This elegant device brings the principle of the Stirling cycle to your tabletop, creating a captivating spectacle as it transforms the heat of your coffee into kinetic energy. This amazing engine will run on any hot liquid and fits perfectly over your favorite mug. 

With this meticulously crafted model, your morning brew does more than wake you up. Place the Stirling Heat Engine on your hot coffee mug, and behold as the warmth of your favorite beverage sets the engine in motion, spinning and humming in a dance of physics and precision.

The Polar Coffee Cup Heat Engine is more than just a scientific curiosity. It's a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and the transformative power of heat. Composed of high-grade materials, including aircraft-grade CNC-shaped aluminum with a titanium cylinder, this elegant piece promises not just durability, but also an enduring allure that transcends time.

It's the perfect gift for coffee lovers, science enthusiasts, educators, engineers, or anyone who appreciates the convergence of beauty, function, and the fascinating principles of thermodynamics. Whether it's to intrigue visitors at your office or to add a touch of kinetic charm to your home, the Polar Stirling Heat Engine is designed to impress.

Invite the mesmerizing blend of science, art, and the energy of your morning coffee into your daily routine with the Polar Coffee Cup Heat Engine. A testament to the power that lies in everyday moments and the delightful surprises of scientific discovery."

Note: The Polar Stirling Heat Engine is not a toy and is not suitable for children under 14. Please handle it with care.

A Perfect Gift For...

This cutting-edge Stirling Engine is an incredible gift for anyone passionate about sustainable energy, mechanical engineering, and scientific innovation. It's a hands-on demonstration of an ingenious technology that converts heat differences into motion.

  1. Coffee Enthusiasts: Those who treasure their morning cup of joe will enjoy watching this engine transform the heat of their favorite beverage into a captivating display of motion.
  2. Science Buffs: Individuals with a passion for physics and thermodynamics will appreciate the Stirling cycle in action and the sheer ingenuity of the design.
  3. Engineers: Professionals or students in the field of engineering will be intrigued by the blend of theory and practical application embodied in this device.
  4. Educators: This could serve as an engaging teaching tool for those in the fields of science and engineering, helping to illustrate complex principles in a tangible way.
  5. Interior Design Enthusiasts: Those with an eye for unique, aesthetically pleasing objects will love the kinetic charm and conversation-starting potential of the Stirling Heat Engine.
  6. Minimalist Decorators: For those who appreciate functional design, this engine provides both an attractive focal point and a source of kinetic art.
  7. Collectors: Those who appreciate rare and unique items, or have a collection of mechanical objects or science-themed artifacts, will find this a worthy addition to their assortment.

More About the Coffee Cup Heat Engine

Experience the magic of thermodynamics with our meticulously designed Coffee Cup Heat Engine, a perfect blend of science, engineering, and aesthetics. Expertly crafted from CNC-shaped aluminum, this model guarantees durability and provides a captivating view of the engine's internal processes.

Witness the four main stages of a Stirling engine in action:

  1. Heat Addition: The working gas inside the heated cylinder expands.
  2. Expansion: The expanding gas pushes the piston, converting heat energy into mechanical work.
  3. Heat Removal: The gas moves to a cold cylinder and contracts.
  4. Compression: The cooled gas is further compressed by the piston, completing one cycle and preparing for the next.

A significant advantage of the Stirling engine is its high efficiency and potential for using any heat source, making it a promising technology for sustainable and renewable energy applications.

Beyond its practical demonstration of physics and engineering principles, this Stirling Engine shines as a piece of kinetic art. Its moving parts and minimalist design add a touch of modern sophistication to any setting. Whether it's a classroom, office, or home study, this Stirling Engine brings a distinctive intellectual charm to the space.

Our Stirling Engine is more than just a model—it's an exploration into the heart of thermodynamics, a celebration of sustainable energy, and a distinctive decorative piece that commands attention. Uncover the fascinating world of heat engines with this exceptional educational tool and decor piece.


  • 14.5cm x 10.5 cm x 10.5 cm (5.7" x 4.1" x 4.1")
  • CNC aluminum body with titanium cylinder

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