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Titanium Coffee Cup (255ml) - Double-Walled


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These cups are ultra-lightweight and double-walled pure Titanium

Introducing the Double-Wall Titanium Coffee Cup, an elegant and functional solution for coffee and tea enthusiasts who appreciate quality and design. This premium coffee cup boasts a double-wall construction, providing excellent insulation to maintain the perfect temperature of your favorite beverages. Crafted from durable titanium, the coffee cup is not only lightweight but also offers a sleek, modern aesthetic that complements any setting. The Double-Wall Titanium Coffee Cup elevates your daily routine with its unique blend of style, practicality, and performance.

A Perfect Gift For...

The Double-Wall Titanium Coffee Cup is the perfect gift for a variety of personalities. It caters to coffee and tea enthusiasts who value quality and design in their drinkware, ensuring a pleasurable drinking experience. Busy professionals on-the-go will appreciate the cup's excellent insulation, maintaining the perfect temperature for their favorite beverage as they navigate their day. The eco-conscious will love that the cup is reusable, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Moreover, the cup's durable and functional design makes it an ideal choice for those who appreciate the fusion of form and function in everyday items, providing both style and practicality in one elegant package.

More About This Cup

Made of 100% Grade 1 (CP1) Titanium, our Titanium Coffee Cup is a perfect combination of health, allure, and technology. 

The double-walled, vacuum shell maintains the temperature of your hot or cold beverages, and the outer surface is always a comfortable room temperature.

The unique snow-like crystal pattern on the surface is a result of advanced Titanium processing tech. Slight shifts in manufacturing conditions result in different surface textures making each cup unique. 

Titanium is the most biocompatible and safe metal for the human body and is the only element that your body fully accepts - even bone will grow around it. It has excellent resistance to corrosion, nearly equivalent to platinum. Less than half the density of steel, it is perfectly weighted for a quality feel. Our cups will never rust nor decay; they are safe, natural, and last forever!

Titanium also has antibacterial activity under the light. Just expose them to light to activate their antibacterial properties and keep them clean.

Not only are these cups ideal for outdoor and camping use due to their lightweight strength, but their modern design also elevates the sophistication of any dinner table. With the ability to maintain the purest taste of your favorite beverages, these cups make the perfect gift for family, friends, and coffee lovers alike.


  • Size: 2.75" D x 3.78" H
  • Capacity: 255ml
  • Weight: 2.7oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

Fantastic! Can't imagine living without it!

Bring back the colors, please

When you and your associates first brought out these cups, you produced some of them in different colors (like the saki cups, only more dappled). I bought a green one, and it is a beautiful today as it was when brand new some years ago. My second sup is like the ones you now sell. Please consider bringing back the colors. My cups have yet to be used for coffee or tea; instead, they sit on the bathroom counters. Should the cup be dropped, it will not shatter onto bare feet--safer for me, safer for guests. I truly enjoy using all my Woerden/Kranite products every day. Thanks!

Michael Dyer

I love the look & feel go the Titanium cup. My new go to cup!!

Michael Stadnyk
Coffee cup

Very nice cup. Size is a bit small but keeps warm well.

<p></p><p>Hi Michael, thank you for sharing your review! We are really glad to hear you getting on with your Double Wall Titanium Coffee Cup and we will be sure to let the Woerden Designs team know about your suggestion for a larger cup. We hope to welcome you back soon, thank you again for shopping with us. :-)</p>

Hoorain Benjamin
Exceeded my expectations. Will buy again.

This is the best portable cup I have found so far. Titanium does not have a metallic taste and does not corrode. It is super-light and hot drinks will not burn your fingers or lips. The volume is great, too.I recommend buying a lid if you are going to walk with your drink.

Thank you so much Hoorain. Your review has made our day! :)

Isaak Terry
A Truely Excellent Product in Quality and Looks

One of the best products I've ever owned. It's light, very durable and is sized just right for a nice cup of coffee or tea. And, it doesn't look like everyone else's mug. No problem with hot liquids at all.

We are so pleased to hear this Terry. Thank you so much. :)

Finley Michael
Best coffee mug for me

I'm sure it can be used as other purposes. This cup serves me good as a coffee mug. Coffee doesn't stay just by flushing it under water.

Hi Finley, the cup indeed keeps any hot drink hot and any cold drink cold for longer. Thank you for your positive review. :)

Isla-Grace Mejia
good quality, fast delivery

This completes my double wall titanium 3 cup collection. The 230 is everything I expected. Excellent craftsmanship, quick delivery. AS soon as it arrived, I washed it off and filled it with the first thing I could see...Ice and Cream Soda :) It keeps the temperature relatively stable. Hot stay's hot longer and cold stay's cold longer, what else could anyone ask for.

Mmm, Cream Soda! Such an under-rated drink! Thank you for your review (and the drinks suggestion!). :-)

Gene Morse
Good Stuff

I found it to be the best quality, best made, lightest cup I have ever gotten to use.

That's amazing Gene! Thank you! :)

Cora Mitchell

Really Lite and even with scalding hot tea I can comfortable hold the cup without burning myself. Plus no weird metallic taste added to your drink of choice.

<p>Hi Cora, thank you for your review. It is crazy how much of a difference this Titanium cup makes to the taste of drinks! We are really happy that you noticed it too. :)</p>

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