Polar Titanium Pen


Top selling pen on Kranite.com

Made of ultralight Titanium, this pen is the perfect writing partner

With its sleek design, high-quality titanium construction, and smooth writing experience, this pen is perfect for those who appreciate elegance and practicality in their everyday items.

A Perfect Gift For...

The Polar Metals Titanium Pen is ideal for professionals who appreciate sleek, high-quality writing instruments, as well as minimalists who value elegant and functional design. This pen is also perfect for those passionate about craftsmanship and premium materials, as well as writers and creatives seeking a reliable and stylish tool to express their thoughts and ideas. Its versatile appeal makes it a fitting gift for various personalities and occasions.

More About the Polar Titanium Pen

At Polar metals, we've always worked to bring you the best quality titanium products at the best price. Thanks to a drop in processing costs, we can now offer our basic titanium pen for only $39!

Why is this pen special?

  • Full titanium construction ensures this pen will outlast you!
  • All of the metal on the pen is Grade 5 aerospace titanium.
  • A minimalist design, a solid cylinder of titanium.
  • Comfortable and lightweight, the perfect companion for any environment.
  • Enjoy passing this down as an heirloom through generations.
  • Ti6AI4V grade 5 aerospace Titanium.
  • Includes a stylish carrying case made from cappuccino PU leather (vegan). Over 1000 sold, get yours now!


Polar Metals seeks to spice up your life with interesting and unusual metals in unexpected ways.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Writes flawlessly, need to find a place for the cap

Really like overall design of the pin except for one issue. The cap. Once it is off, there’s no way to attach back to the pin. I was thinking a magnet on both the end of the pin and the end of the cap. But I am no engineer. Would have got 5 stars except for that issue

Dan Bledsoe
Great pen

Works as a pen should.

Luis Veliz
Titanium pen

An other great product from Kranite well balanced and feels good on my hand

Edwin M
Nice Pen!

The pen's design was above my expectation. The weight of the pen was good and sturdy. The write of the pen was very nice. The pen would have received a 5 star rating if it wasn't for a small design flaw. It was the twisted cap. If the pen had a clicking mechanism, the pen would be flawless!! That would be something to think about if they decide to design a new version of this pen. Overall good pen for the cost!

William B
Great Pen

Solid pen. Literally.

Dan Sr Gross

Nice well made pen, I love that it’s titanium, different than everyone else


great pen

Paula Aydt


Cool pen

Titanium is a neat metal and having a pen made from it is cool. I do wish they had a version where the cap wasn’t screw on, but other than that it’s something cool to use.

<p></p><p></p><p>Thank you so much for your suggestions, we'll definitely forward them over to the Polar designs team! They actually noticed that most caps on regular pens end up going missing, so the screw on cap actually helps you to get back into the habit of putting the cap back on! It also helps your refill to last longer. :) One pen to save them all! </p>

Thomas Tucker

A smooth, easy writing titanium pen with screw-on cap in a leather carrying case. Love it, great for the use in the field!

Hello Thomas, thank you for your review. We worked hard to ensure the most pleasant writing experience so it's great to hear your feedback! You can stock up on your refills here too. :)

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