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Trance Magnesium KILO Cube (Museum Cube #2)


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Shockingly light cubes that will fool your brain!

"There is NO WAY those two have the same weight!"

In 2018, we introduced a solid tungsten cube - the densest engineering metal. Now we're back with the least dense engineering metal: Magnesium. It's an insanely stark contrast to our Tungsten cube.

This is what our Magnesium and Tungsten look like together. They both weigh 1 kilogram!

Why do I need a Magnesium Cube?

This is the 2nd in our planned series of KILO presentation cubes that come with a museum display base. It's the ultimate desktop display for the metal junkie!

The Magnesium KILO comes with its own museum base (included)

Properties of Magnesium

Holding a piece of magnesium feels more like holding a block of wood. It has a density of only 1.74g/cc making it the least dense engineering metal. It's widely used to make extremely high strength-to-weight ratio alloys. Aluminum is 55% denser, steel 445%, and tungsten is a whopping 1103% denser!

This huge block of solid Magnesium will fool your brain!

It's hard to imagine a strong metal cube this size weighs only 1 kilogram!

Who we are: previous success, quotes

We have raised over $1.2 million here on Kickstarter with our previous metal projects, including the Tungsten KILO cube and our polished copper sphere.

The Magnesium KILO cube is the latest of our Kickstarter Projects


Our KILO Magnesium Cube is 1 kilogram of the purest stable alloy (AZ31B, 97% pure) Magnesium metal. Each cube comes with a museum base.

Our new Museum base is included for free!

We are including our Museum base FREE with any cube pledge!

  • Solid Acrylic base
  • Brass nameplate
  • Elemental info
  • Perfect for display
  • Museum quality

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Amazingly lite until you realize what it is. (put it next to 1KG W)

Don't put a torch to this, BUT this is amazingly lite compared to W.

Bruce Schempp
Really cool

Large cube. Perfectly crafted. Great service! Zero complaints on this one.

Hirobumi GUNJI

The weight of the cube is quite unique and existing when you compere it to the other heavy metals as Tungsten. Try it!

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