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Museum Cup

A perfect match of artisan porcelain & black glaze with a .999 silver lining.

Pure silver liner overflows the top third  and is hand hammered 

Blue and white traditional Jingdezhen porcelain with incredible detail

The bottom third is high-temperature black glaze porcelain to finish off an elegant look.

A warm cup of tea will always be there to jump start your morning or calm down your afternoon.

The 5 grams of Silver in the lining is antibacterial, keeping the cup clean and healthy forever.

A delicate landscape painting on the porcelain will transform your teatime experience into a calm oasis.

Each cup is made by artisans over the course of many steps and many separate firing and hand-hammering phases.

Even the silver liner is finished by hand and reflects the spirit of each craftsman

A rounded, ergonomic design with a warm curve to fit perfectly in your hand

The hammer effect at the top gives you a comfortable texture to explore while you have your tea


• Diameter: 6 cm (2.4 in)

• Height: 5.8cm (2.3 in)

• Capacity 80 ml


Jingdezhen porcelain (Chinese: 景德镇陶瓷) is Chinese porcelain produced in or near Jingdezhen in southern China. From the Ming period, official kilns in Jingdezhen were controlled by the emperor, making imperial porcelain in large quantity for the court and the emperor to give as gifts.

Ancient works from the region are exhibited in many famous museums across the world.

Sol Bird Designs raised over $3000 on Indiegogo to bring this museum cup to life. Get yours now!


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