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Kranite Personalized Treasure Chests


We've blended the enchanting unpredictability of a treasure box with the unique allure of personal curation. Each chest contains a handpicked selection of Kranite's finest products, precisely curated to match your purchase history and feedback.

Each box is custom-made to order, and there are new items every week! We will also check your order history and try to surprise you with new items! 

  • Any retail item on Kranite.com
  • Prototypes or samples
  • Unusual finds from factory visits
  • Rare or unique items that are available through treasure chests only
  • Imperfect items

Our team delves into your past preferences and shopping habits to curate a collection that truly resonates with your tastes. The Kranite Personalized Treasure Chest not only includes some of our most popular products but also features limited edition and exclusive items that align perfectly with your individual style and interests.

Expect the unexpected as you unveil high-quality products ranging from our sleek titanium cutlery, scientific wonders, minimalist jewelry designs, and so much more. The magic of the treasure Chest is that the contents remain a tantalizing secret until the moment you open it, bringing you a personal unboxing experience like no other.

The Kranite Personalized Treasure Chests are perfect as a thrilling gift to yourself or a delightful surprise for a loved one. Immerse yourself in the joy of discovery as you explore your unique collection, lovingly tailored to your preferences.

Elevate your gifting, embrace the surprise, and dive into the thrill of the unknown with Kranite Personalized Treasure Chests. Order yours today and embark on a personal journey of delightful discovery, curated uniquely for you.

Note: The value of the items within each Personalized Treasure Chest always exceeds the cost, guaranteeing a wonderful surprise that brings not just quality, but also fantastic value.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Great items! Very satisfied.

Gary Johnson
Love em

I have purchased several mystery boxes and each one is really a treat. High quality goodies, they don’t skimp

Joe Porter
Definitely a Fun Buy

My pack was full of titanium trinkets. I chose the edc pack. I think I would have preferred a different theme since I won’t use most of what I received. The products are worth more than I spent. They are good items, and Kranite delivered a powerful value for my money.

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