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Chopsticks 2.0: Eco-Friendly Titanium Crystal


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Made of ultralight Titanium, these chopsticks are perfectly portable and stylish.

We listened! Many of you asked for a lighter-weight chopstick that was easier to clean. Our Titanium Crystal Chopsticks are by far the lightest chopsticks we offer at only 14 grams, making them perfect for all-day use.

  • Ultralight: only 14 grams! (Our original titanium chopsticks were 51 grams!)
  • Crystal finish: We used a special process to heat the titanium in a vacuum at just the right temperature to create an easier-to-clean crystal finish that looks incredible.
  • Titanium (hollow) tube design: These chopsticks are made from super-strong Grade 1 pure titanium tubes.

The Hidden Unhealthy Truth

Traditional wooden chopsticks can harm our environment and our bodies. It takes one aspen tree just to make a few thousand disposable chopsticks. Over 70 billion pairs of chopsticks are consumed around the world each year, which needs to cut 14 million aspens and results in deforestation of more than 9300 acres!

Sulphur, hydrogen peroxide, sodium sulfite, and mold inhibitor are chemical substances commonly used to make disposable chopsticks, even though they are not allowed. That's why the water turns yellow and gave off a pungent smell when you wash the disposable chopsticks.

The stainless steel tableware itself is not harmful to the human body, but some families have improperly used stainless steel tableware, which has caused chemical changes in stainless steel tableware and produced substances that are harmful to the human body. For example, in life, many households use stainless steel bowls, and stainless steel tableware to contain salt, soy sauce, vinegar and other substances. For a long time, stainless steel tableware will undergo chemical reactions under the action of these substances, releasing them into the human body.Harmful substances will harm the human body if used for a long time. They must be cleaned frequently to keep them hygienic and dry.

With our Crystal Titanium Chopsticks, we hope to usher in the next era of chopsticks - reusable, resilient, and healthy utensils for everyday use.

The Benefits

HYGIENIC - Titanium is bacteria-resistant, and inhibits the growth of germ and other harmful pathogens. Because of its non-porous and non-stick nature, nothing seeps inside, both keeping the integrity intact and making it extremely easy to clean.

HEALTHY - Titanium is the most biocompatible and safe metal for the human body. It is the only element that our body fully accepts - even bone will grow around it.

CORROSION RESISTANT - It has excellent resistance to corrosion, nearly equivalent to platinum.

SUSTAINABLE - Titanium chopsticks are durable and reusable. Each meal enjoyed with our Crystal Titanium Chopsticks is another step closer to a greener world.

STRONG & LIGHT-WEIGHT- Titanium was named after Titans of Greek mythology because of its immense strength. It is less than half the density of steel, perfectly weighted for a quality feel and an everyday carry.

Using chopsticks has become more and more popular because of its benefits,

  • Develop hand-eye coordination and concentration
  • Improve motor skills and dexterity
  • Build new pathways to the brain.
  • Improve handwriting grips
  • Provide an opportunity for rich social interactions

Save Nature. Protect Family.

  • Sturdy, stylish, and minimalist design for both adults and kids. Keep your family safe and healthy.
  • No-slip crystal finish. Be proud of yourself for using chopsticks and enjoy noodles perfectly and securely without worrying that noodles will slip.
  • A perfect match with our titanium sushi plate.
  • Eat healthily!
  • The cubic design of the tops prevents chopsticks from rolling away while the tips are cylindrical design, which integrates the ancient ideas of the orbicular sky and rectangular Earth.
  • A chopstick travel case and an elegant box for free. Very convenient to take with you anywhere and anytime, and a perfect gift for those you love!
  • Simple cleaning due to the crystal finish.

How it's made

Our new chopsticks have a stylish and unique crystal finish. Mill finish titanium sheets or plates are secured in custom fixtures in a specialized furnace where the vacuum is equivalent to outer space. The furnace is gradually heated to near the melting temperature.

During this precision-controlled cycle, the titanium's natural crystal structure begins to enlarge and re-orientate. The crystals grow in a columnar pattern across the thickness of the titanium. A transition from hexagonal to cubic crystal alignment creates uniquely faceted specular crystals.The resulting crystallized structure is only available in titanium.

  • Length: 9 inch
  • Weight: 0.5 oz
  • Hollow design
  • Crystal finish

* Each pair of chopsticks comes with a steel chopstick rest. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tojinsei Nox
Great utensils for home!

They are much lighter and just as sturdy as the previous series. They look great and came in nice bags to present as gifts. I love them! Going to give as gifts.

Ying Chao Lin

These chopsticks are very light and easy to use

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