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Crystal Titanium Spoon Spork Set

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The perfect camping accessory

Solid titanium spork and spoon set with a crystal finish


Made of pure Titanium, our Crystal Spoon Spork Set has a stylish and unique crystal finish.

  • Length: 8.6 inches
  • Weight: Spoon 17g, Spork 16g
  • Surface Finish: Crystal

The unique finish is an intrinsic part of the metal, not just a surface finish, and is produced by physically "growing" the titanium crystals in a highly controlled and specialized vacuum chamber. A transition from hexagonal to cubic crystal alignment creates uniquely faceted specular crystals.

The resulting crystallized structure produces the most unique reflectivity and 3-dimensional, holographic effect under any lighting condition. It is only available in titanium.

The hole on the handles makes the spoon and spork easy to keep.

About Woerden Designs

At Woerden Designs, we use Titanium and Zirconium cookware and tableware to keep your food safe, healthy, and pure. We hope to usher in the next era of utensils - reusable, resilient, and healthy utensils for everyday use.

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely gorgeous spork and spoon well balanced and great price. An other awesome product from Kranite never disappointed


Pretty nice, but they’re pressed, rather than cast, which would make them heavier. No matter, I’m keeping them.

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