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Longquan Celadon: 24k Gold-lined Teacup


Longquan celadon artistry with 24k gold. A teacup of unmatched elegance and luxury.

Step into an era of grace and luxury with our Longquan Celadon 24K Gold-Lined Teacup!

Introducing the pure 24k gold-lined Longquan Celadon teacup, a marvel that fuses the enduring grace of ancient Chinese ceramics with contemporary opulence.


Our inspiration was deeply rooted in Longquan's storied legacy, the pinnacle of Chinese celadon artistry, and its timeless bond with tea rituals. The union of the celadon's serene green hue and the opulence of 24K gold compelled us to craft a teacup that transcends function, standing as an emblem of heritage and luxury.

"Mallet" vase with stylized animal handles, Southern Song, 12th century.

What is Longquan?

Longquan is a type of clay for the Longquan region in China.

Longquan clay, sourced from the Longquan region in China, is the foundation for the renowned Longquan celadon ceramics. Its unique attributes include:

  • Composition: A mix of kaolinite and porcelain stone, making it strong and suitable for high-temperature firing.
  • Color: After firing, it turns gray or light beige, complementing the signature green celadon glaze.
  • Crazing Feature: This clay when glazed and fired, produces the valued "crazing" or crackling effect in the glaze.
  • Glaze Interaction: The clay's properties contribute to the varied and rich green hues of Longquan celadon.

This specific clay type plays a pivotal role in the beauty and quality of Longquan celadon ceramics.

In essence, our creation process is a tribute to Longquan's rich legacy, skillfully marrying centuries-old craftsmanship with modern luxury. Every Longquan Celadon 24K Gold-Lined Teacup we present is not just a functional piece but a symbol of timeless elegance with a touch of opulence.


  • 24k Gold Lining: Each teacup boasts a shimmering pure 24k gold lining, infusing the serenity of Longquan celadon with contemporary luxury.
  • Authentic Longquan Celadon: Crafted from the finest Longquan clay, the teacup encapsulates the region's timeless artistry and inherent elegance.
  • Distinctive Green Hue: The celadon's iconic green hue, unique to Longquan pottery, presents an ethereal beauty, making each teacup a visual delight.
  • Ergonomic Design: Tailored for comfort, the teacup’s design facilitates an enriching tea-sipping experience, merging form and function.
  • Optimal Heat Retention: Crafted to optimize thermal properties, the teacup’s material composition and thickness maintain your tea’s warmth, letting you savor its flavors over an extended period.


  • Diameter: 78mm
  • Height: 50mm
  • Capacity: 120ml (4.06oz)


  • Gold-Infused Elegance: The pristine 24K gold lining of the teacup offers a luxurious touch, elevating every sip with grace and sophistication.
  • Celadon Craftsmanship: Rooted in the rich traditions of Longquan, this teacup showcases the classic artistry and charm of celadon ceramics.
  • Elevated Aesthetics: With its harmonious blend of green celadon and gold luster, the teacup is a visual delight, making tea time a lavish affair.
  • Historical Connection: Every teacup stands as a testament to the timeless allure of Longquan celadon, connecting you with centuries of ceramic heritage.
  • Warmth Preserved: The teacup's design and materials work in tandem to maintain your tea's temperature, ensuring a consistent warmth sip after sip.
  • An Artistic Statement: Beyond its utility, this teacup is a conversation piece, bridging the gap between ancient craft and modern design.
  • Handcrafted Precision: The meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each Longquan Celadon 24K Gold-Lined Teacup showcases the dedication and skill of our artisans, ensuring you receive a product of utmost quality and care.

By choosing the Longquan Celadon 24K Gold-Lined Teacup, you're not merely acquiring a vessel for your tea. You're embracing a union of ancient artistry and contemporary elegance, making each tea session an event of luxury and culture.

The Longquan Celadon 24K Gold-Lined Teacup isn't just a vessel for tea; it's a journey through time, art, and luxury, promising an enriched and memorable experience with every use.


Originating from the revered ceramic traditions of Longquan, renowned since the Song Dynasty, the Golden Elegance Teacup is a testament to timeless artistry. Celebrated for its jade-like hue, Longquan ceramics have enchanted many for centuries. Merging this legacy with the modern allure of 24K gold lining, Sol-Bird presents a teacup that embodies both tradition and contemporary luxury, offering a sip that transcends time.

This concise version encapsulates the essence of the teacup's historical significance and modern touch.


Discover the symphony of luxury and history with the Golden Elegance Teacup. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Longquan traditions, seamlessly interwoven with the opulence of modern design. Don't just be a spectator to this exquisite fusion; make it a part of your daily ritual. Secure your teacup today, and let each sip be a testament to your refined taste and appreciation for timeless artistry.

About Sol-Bird

Our team is passionate about preserving traditional craftsmanship while introducing innovative designs. We have experts in pottery, design, and customer service, ensuring a seamless experience for our backers.

Our Vision & Dedication

With an unwavering dedication to excellence, we seek to share the resplendent beauty and rich cultural roots of Longquan celadon with enthusiasts worldwide. Our creations, especially the Longquan Celadon 24K Gold-Lined Teacup, are a testament to this mission - where each piece echoes centuries of tradition while resonating with contemporary luxury.

Step into our world of refined elegance. Support Sol-Bird's vision and immerse yourself in the transcendent experience of the Longquan Celadon 24K Gold-Lined Teacup.

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Beautiful and solid…but a bit smaller than I thought it would be. I plan to enjoy my tea for many years to come!


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