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Winter Mountain: 24k Gold-lined Teacup



Handmade teacups lined with pure gold

Step up your tea game with Winter Mountain, the 2nd in our seasons series.

If you want to elevate your tea-drinking experience but don't know where to start, you've come to the right place! Our Winter Mountain Teacup is the perfect choice for those seeking a more advanced and luxurious tea experience than our first season's cup, Autumn Stream.

A handmade Kaolin porcelain cup lined with 24-karat gold with a crystalline finish.

Handmade from kaolin porcelain and lined with 24-karat gold, our Winter Mountain Teacup has a stunning crystalline finish that is both elegant and practical. At Sol-Bird Designs, we believe that the beauty of nature can be integrated into our daily routines, and our teacups are a testament to that philosophy.

Inspired by the eternal beauty of nature, the Winter Mountain Teacup captures the essence of Mount Gongga, a majestic mountain range wearing a golden robe as the sun rises. The thick and unique texture, called Peacock Glaze, resembles the rocks, forests, and lakes at the foot of the snow mountain under the sunshine.

Lined with 24 karat gold, this teacup will not react with any substance in your tea, giving you a true tea taste experience. The porcelain and gold combination creates a sophisticated and timeless look that is both luxurious and natural.

Each teacup is handcrafted for over 72 hours with precision, and under the high firing temperature of 1380 Celsius, the specialized glaze with high iron content creates a distinctively beautiful peacock pattern. 

The teacup is ergonomically designed with a rounded base and stable stance, providing the most comfortable warm curve. The ideal thickness of the cup gives a good temperature feel, while the tactile surface finish provides a good grip, even when over-poured.

A warm and mellow cup of tea will always be there to jump-start your morning or calm down your afternoon.

The Winter Mountain Teacup is designed to elevate the tea-drinking experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the aroma, flavor, and texture of your tea.

The porcelain and gold combination creates a beautiful, sophisticated look that is both timeless and luxurious, while the Peacock Glaze texture adds a unique natural touch.

Imagine savoring a warm cup of tea that's not only visually stunning but also pure in taste, thanks to the 24-karat gold lining that ensures no chemical reactions occur with your beverage. 

Pure gold lining: while it's only a few micrograms, it provides a lifetime of protection and is guaranteed to never wear off.


  • Diameter: 76mm (2.99")
  • High: 56mm (2.20")
  • Capacity: 130ml (4.4 oz)

About Kaolin Porcelain

Kaolin porcelain is prized for its purity, translucency, and strength. It is made from a mixture of kaolin clay, feldspar, and quartz, and is fired at extremely high temperatures to create a dense, hard, and non-porous material that is ideal for making teaware.

Kaolin porcelain is known for its distinctive white color, which allows the true color and texture of tea to shine through. It is also valued for its ability to retain heat, which makes it perfect for serving hot beverages. The 24-karat gold lining used in the Winter Mountain Teacup not only adds a touch of luxury but also ensures that the tea's taste remains pure, as gold is an inert material that does not react with substances in the tea.

Handmade kaolin porcelain is especially sought after by tea enthusiasts and collectors because of its unique characteristics and the skill required to craft it. Each piece of kaolin porcelain teaware is carefully hand-molded and fired at high temperatures, resulting in a durable and beautiful piece that will last for many years with proper care.

How to maintain your Gold-lined teacup

  • Rinse the teacup with water
  • Dry the gold-lined wall with the included microfiber cloth

At Sol-Bird Designs, we seek to achieve the perfect balance of aesthetics and practicality by bringing nature into our daily lives - simply and elegantly.

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The gold treatment on this cup is unbelievable! Such a gorgeous texture. I feel like I’m sipping my tea in opulence.

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