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1 Pound Tungsten Carbide Cobalt Sphere

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Hard as a ruby, strong as tungsten

Solid, dense, mirror-polished tungsten carbide cobalt sphere

The 1-Pound Solid Tungsten Carbide Cobalt Sphere is a captivating piece that blends artistry with scientific precision. Made from a dense, durable material, this polished sphere adds intrigue to any space. Its distinctive style and substance make it a memorable gift that will be treasured for years.

A Perfect Gift For...

The Tungsten Carbide Cobalt Sphere is perfect for collectors who seek rare and unique pieces that spark curiosity. With its blend of art and science, the sphere appeals to those who appreciate minimalist and contemporary design. Its conversation-starting nature makes it an ideal choice for individuals who enjoy sharing their interests and passions with others, creating meaningful connections through intriguing objects.

More About the Sphere

Looking for a conversation piece that is as visually stunning as it is durable? Look no further than this one-pound sphere made of tungsten carbide cobalt(WC-Co), the latest ceramic supermetal. Known for its extraordinary hardness and wear resistance, tungsten carbide cobalt is a synthetic material that has found a range of industrial applications, from the production of cutting-edge tools to surgical instruments and even armor-piercing ammunition.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this sphere boasts a mirror finish that reflects light beautifully, making it a dazzling addition to any space. The extreme hardness of the alloy will ensure the polished finish will last forever, without any scratches (no matter how much you handle it!).

So whether you're looking for a statement piece for your home, a unique gift for a loved one, or simply want to showcase the beauty and resilience of tungsten carbide cobalt, this one-pound sphere is sure to exceed your expectations.


  • 496 grams (1 pound)
  • 1.57 inches (40 mm) diameter
  • Finish: mirror polished
  • WC-Co Tungsten cemented alloy with cobalt matrix
  • Mohs hardness of 9, polished with diamond powder

Understated, precise, refined. Trance Metals creates heirloom metal centerpieces that are precision-crafted with aerospace-grade technology to elevate your space. You won't find any plastic, wood, or materials that won't last. Each solid metal design is engineered with the utmost care to inspire creativity, motivation, and focus.

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