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Silver-lined Porcelain Cup: Stream Series


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Handmade teacups lined with pure silver

A handmade Kaolin porcelain cup lined with 3 grams of pure .999 silver for the ultimate tea-drinking experience.

Are you a tea lover, but you're still drinking from an old coffee mug? Don't worry, we've all been there! If you want to respect and enhance your tea-drinking experience, but don't know where to start, you've come to the right place!

Introducing Stream, our latest design, perfect for tea-drinking beginners. Inspired by the eternal beauty of nature, Stream is a handmade Kaolin porcelain cup lined with 3 grams of pure .999 silver for the ultimate tea-drinking experience.

Why Stream is perfect for beginners

  • It's lined with anti-bacterial pure silver, enhancing the taste
  • Ideal thickness to give you a good temperature feel.
  • Porous Kaolin clay to keep the exterior dry and pristine-looking
  • Tactile surface finish for a good grip, even when over-poured

Transmutation glazing, an amazing centuries-old porcelain firing technique, achieves unique, natural, and beautiful texture under high temperatures. Each teacup is different and unique because the texture was formed naturally.

The copper red glaze delivers a distinctive fiery-orange coloring, just like fallen maple leaves in autumn.

3 grams of pure silver: every silver lining is crafted and put into place by hand. A perfect match in nature - porcelain & silver. Stream is ergonomic, providing the most comfortable warm curve: a rounded base and stable stance.

Silver Water Benefits

The silver lining is antibacterial, keeping the cup clean and healthy forever while enhancing the taste of any tea you choose. Drinking tea with a pure silver teacup will give you a special taste that no other material can replicate.

Silver has the ability to purify and disinfect. A South Korean study published in a 2008 edition of "Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology" found that ionic silver solutions are effective at killing bacteria and Candida albicans fungus in Petri dishes. University of North Texas researcher Dr. Mark Farinha found that solutions of colloidal silver had an antimicrobial effect on in-situ populations of Staphylococcus, Candida, and Pseudomonas.

Drink safe and healthy every day in the most elegant way possible. A warm cup of tea will always be there to jump-start your morning or calm down your afternoon.

How it is made

Our factory is in Jingdezhen. Jingdezhen has been the center of fine porcelain art, crafting, innovation, and production in China since 557 AD. China’s most skilled porcelain and pottery masters have perfected their craft in Jingdezhen for the last 1000 years and continue to today.

We used white Kaolin Clay, the essential and distinguishing ingredient of Jingdezhen porcelain, to produce Autumn Stream. Kaolin clay’s high fusion temperature and white burning characteristics make it particularly suitable for the manufacture of porcelain.

Each cup is 100% hand-made.

After glazing with different amounts of different glazes, the teacups will be put into the kiln for firing at very high temperatures. During this time, the glazes will move naturally and form a unique pattern. The temperature, amount of glaze, glaze materials, and glazing technique are very important to get right in order to get this look. This unique process is called the transmutation glazing technique.

A perfect match with tea and cookies.

When you are beginning your tea enhancement journey, we recommend pairing black tea with some light and buttery tea cookies. It's the perfect way to get started with your new Autumn Stream teacup!


  • Diameter: 7cm
  • Height: 4.8cm
  • Capacity: 132ml (4 oz)
  • Silver Content: 3g

How to maintain your silver-lined teacup

  • Rinse the teacup with water
  • Dry the silver-lined wall with the included microfiber cloth

If you keep the surface dry and avoid touching it with your hands directly, it will maintain a like-new shine through months of use!

At Sol-Bird Designs, we seek to achieve the perfect balance of aesthetics and practicality by bringing nature into our daily lives- simply and elegantly.

Customer Reviews

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I love it!!

忠秋 小城

Stream Silver-lined Porcelain Cup - Spring & Autumn

Stephen B
Wonderfully Unique

A beautiful unique tea cup.

Larry Hook

The silver lined porcelain cops are lmmaculate and beautiful truly appreciated to use and hand down in my family.

Michael Dyer
Love the cups!

Smaller than I thought, but they are beautiful!

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