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Solid, hammered titanium necklace


We all have struggles, big or small, Fortitude Necklace is designed to show your inner fortitude and express how strong you are to overcome them.

Made of a single piece of 100% Grade 2 (CP2) solid Titanium. It has a unique hammered finish and gives you a solid feeling!

Hammered Finish

Hammered by hand. Each hammered part is different and unique, just like you. The front and back are hammered with a unique style and can be worn on either side with the same effect.

Titanium is an awesome natural element! It's widely used for aircraft manufacturing, medicine, and aerospace engineering. Today, it is one of the most sought-after materials for jewelry making!

Hypo-allergenic Titanium

Fortitude Necklace is hypo-allergenic and bio-compatible! Titanium is the most biocompatible and safe metal for the human body and the only element that our body fully accepts - even bone will grow around it. It is absolutely safe for those with allergy sensitivities.

Two colors are available now. The moonlight silver is very unique and goes with everything. Ocean blue finish after thermal treatment is premium and fashionable.

Tarnish Free

Fortitude Necklace will never rust or tarnish. Its excellent resistance to corrosion is nearly equivalent to platinum. Wear your own symbol of strength anywhere and anytime!

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, also, it is the core of Solid Titanium. We aim to create something simple, unique, and bold, which could capture your inner strength in the world's strongest metal: solid Titanium!

The necklace's length is adjustable between 13.7 inches and 26.7 inches.


  • Pendant: 2.6"L x 0.3"W x 0.2"(T)
  • Necklace Length: adjustable between 13.7" and 26.7"
  • Weight: 12g

Why I made Solid Titanium Fortitude Necklace

One year after I was born, I was left to stay with my grandparents while my parents needed to struggle for life in another city. I could only see them once a year during the holidays. My mom gave me a necklace with a jade pendant when I was five, an age when kids started to know more about the world. The jade necklace was small and simple, but it meant the whole world to me. It had witnessed all my happiness, tears, struggle, weakness, fortitude, and the TRUE side of me in the following years.

However, one day when I was a sophomore in high school I carelessly dropped it from my hands and it was broken into pieces. I was suddenly lost. I remembered that jade necklace when reminiscing about the bright and confident self with a strong heart. I really wanted to buy one that can last forever just to have it for myself. But I couldn't find a durable, strong, and affordable but simple jewel anywhere, so I determined to make one.

I researched all of the main materials for making jewelry. Precious metals are pretty expensive and unaffordable for most people. Jade is easy to break. Regular metals are either allergic or corroded. After a few weeks of research, I finally found the material I was looking for: Titanium, the strongest element and completely bio-compatible.

In the following month, I read more about Titanium jewelry, visited manufacturers, and worked with manufacturers to solve all the challenges and focused on the concept of the necklace I want to make: Resolve to have more fortitude with the Necklace made of the strongest element in the world!

When the prototype was shipped to my office, my colleagues were immediately drawn to it. Everybody wanted to try it on. Here are what they said when they tried the necklace:

"The design is so unique and distinctive. In some way, it's so straightforward and simple. I like the way it reflects solid lights from many different angles." -- Ken

"The solid Titanium necklace is so light, but with a solid feeling. It's so amazing! I can feel the strength it delivers to me!" -- Joe

Now, I'm wearing it every day. We all have struggles in life, but this necklace represents my inner strength to overcome them. I believe it will help you to have more fortitude too.

What is it about Titanium? Maybe it's the clean and straightforward color? Maybe it's the strongest element? Maybe we have some other connection to it? I'm not sure, I just know it's the thing people want to wear and touch the most.

At Solid Titanium, we make awesome stuff out of rare metals to present your TRUE inner world.

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