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Solid Rhenium Polished Density Cube 10mm - 20.5g

Elemental metallic 1 cm elemental cubes

These highly polished cubes are great educational tools


Laser engraved. Highly polished. For true metal lovers!

  • Size: 10x10x10mm
  • Sample Purity: 99.99%
  • Density: 21.04g/cm3
  • Weight: 20~20.5g

Pure Rhenium Cube unlocked!

Each Rhenium cube is machined with precision to 10x10x10mm (0.39in) for 1 cmand highly polished by hand for hours to reach a mirror finish. Laser engraved! This is an heirloom piece that will last forever.

Made of high purity 99.99% Rhenium sheets, our Rhenium cube is about 20.5g/cm3. (The Rhenium sheet could reach the theoretical density (21.04g/cm3) with the hot isostatic pressing process, but the cost is surprisingly high.)

Rhenium is a chemical element with the symbol Re and atomic number 75. Here are some interesting facts:

  • Discovered by Walter Noddack, Ida Noddack, and Otto Berg in 1925, it is the last stable element to be discovered. It was named after the river Rhine in Europe.
  • It is a silvery-gray, heavy, third-row transition metal.
  • With an estimated average concentration of 1 part per billion (ppb), rhenium is one of the rarest elements in the Earth's crust. 
  • It has the highest boiling point (5630 °C, 10,170 °F) and the third-highest melting point (3186 °C, 5767 °F) of any stable element, widely used in jet engines.
  • It resembles manganese and technetium chemically and is mainly obtained as a by-product of the extraction and refinement of molybdenum and copper ores. 
  • About 70% of the worldwide rhenium production is added to high-temperature superalloys that are used to make jet engine parts. 
  • It is also used in platinum–rhenium catalysts, which are primarily used in making lead-free, high-octane gasoline.

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*Note: Please wear gloves when handling.

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