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Solid Steel Crypto Key Vault with Tungsten Carbide Scribe


Your coins your keys

A solid metal mirror slab with etching tool for storing crypto keys


Save your crypto seed phrase forever!

A quick and easy way to store your crypto seed phrase on solid stainless steel. The vault will survive floods, house fires or any other natural disaster you can throw at it!

We use the Polar steel mirror and a tungsten carbide scribe for easy use (optional battery powered diamond scribe). The mirrored surface makes it much easier to scribe and read back your key phrase. We include two mirrors so you can split up your seed phrases for even more security.

Write your seed words on the solid steel mirrored surface with the included tungsten-carbide scribe. The mirrored surface makes wring and reading back your seed phrase easy!

Upgrade to the diamond-tipped scribe for an even easier scribing experience. The diamond-tipped scribe is battery-powered and will make your seed phrase even easier to read and write.

Each set includes two solid stainless steel writing surfaces so you can split up your seed phrase for even more security.

The reverse side is also a writeable surface, so you can label your keys.

Remember: Your keys your coins!

Customer Reviews

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Michael Raw

High quality steel cards with functional "engraving pen". If you want a safe and permanent record of your pass phrases, these are great. Comes in a shiny leather sleeve as well.

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