Solid Titanium Poker Card Bottle Opener

Engineered from a solid piece of Ti6Al4V grade 5 aerospace Titanium! Super Strong. Lasts forever.

  • Size: 3.34 * 2.12 inches
  • Thickness: 1.5mm (0.05 inches)


AceSpade: Solid Titanium Lifetime Poker Opener

Only 1.5mm thin, but solid Grade 5 Titanium is strong enough to open any bottle.

"Wow, is this really made of Titanium?!"

"This is the coolest opener I have ever seen!"

Made of solid Ti6Al4V Grade 5 aerospace Titanium, AceSpade takes your bottle opening game to the next level!

The Ace of Spades is the highest and most valued card in the deck of playing cards. Made of the world's strongest element: Titanium, The Ace of Spaces symbolizes power, mental toughness, fearlessness and good fortune!

Smooth edges. Brushed finish. AceSpade is ultralight and super solid!

Unique brushed Titanium finish.

Use the beveled Ace of Spades cutout as the bottle opener!

Why do I need a Solid Titanium AceSpade Opener?

  • You actually care about the quality of the things you own
  • You or someone you love is a card player
  • You think Titanium is just generally awesome and you've been frustrated for years that nobody made a cool Titanium poker opener
  • You want to have the coolest tool in the place
  • You are a beer or whisky lover and want bring your bottle opening game to the next level, creating a cool experience

Why titanium?

  • The most bio-compatibleand safe metal for the human body
  • The only element that your body fully accepts - even bone will grow around it
  • Named after Titans of Greek mythology because of its immense strength
  • The highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element
  • Shockingly rigid and lightweight, less than half the density of steel
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion, nearly equivalent to platinum
  • Non-magnetic - won't attract metallic filings from other tools

Titanium is an amazing element! Widely used in cars, planes, hiking gear, medical implants and spaceships, because it's light as plastic, with the strength of Titans!

Pop the top on the first try with the strongest metal piece!

A fun novelty piece is small but powerful and durable enough to tackle any bottle cap easily!

AceSpade lasts a lifetime! With endless bottles to be opened - from beers to sodas - we guarantee one AceSpade opener is all you're ever going to need.

I used our AceSpade opener as a party favor where I had "Poker Night" as a theme. Everyone was crazy about them. It's great for parties, weddings, BBQs, traveling and as a gift!

The perfect addition to your next poker night!

Credit card sized (3.34*2.12*0.05in). Easily fits in your wallet or pocket! Take it to your next poker gathering, guys night, or literally anywhere. Your friends will be jealous every time you pull it out :)

Polar Metals raised $2800 on Indiegogo crowdfunding to bring this poker opener to life. Get yours now!

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Daniel Aparicio
Poker opener

It works great!

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