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UNIQUE FINDS: 17th century Edo Period Tsuba

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Embrace the spirit of the samurai with this authentic Koei Goto Tsuba, a singular treasure that reverberates with the echoes of Japan's illustrious past. Our extraordinary offering presents an opportunity to not only own a piece of historical artifact but to immerse oneself in the rich cultural tapestry that accompanies it.

From the time of the samurais in the 1600s Edo period of Japan, this Tsuba – a sword guard – was more than a tool. It was a status symbol, an artistic outlet, and a tangible extension of the warrior spirit. Its function was integral, designed to protect the hand in combat, but its value extended far beyond its practical purpose.

This stunning Tsuba has been forged by the celebrated tsubako (Tsuba craftsman) Koei Goto, known for his meticulous attention to detail and artistic prowess. Crafted from iron, a favored material of the period, this Tsuba echoes the strength and resilience of the samurais themselves.

The design of a Tsuba was always deeply personal to its owner, an intimate reflection of their rank, style, and sensibilities. This particular piece, adorned with intricate detailing and wrought by the hands of a master, speaks volumes about the samurai who once owned it.

Each Tsuba is a testament to its era, and this exquisite piece by Koei Goto is no different. It holds the essence of an age characterized by martial valor, artistic excellence, and cultural sophistication. When you hold this Tsuba, you're not just holding an accessory to a sword – you're holding a fragment of history, an emblem of a time that once was.

For historians, enthusiasts, and collectors alike, this Tsuba offers the chance to delve deeper into the captivating world of the samurais, their ethos, and their artistry. Its value as an artifact of history and art is immeasurable, making it a must-have for anyone fascinated by Japan's intriguing past.

Add this extraordinary piece to your collection or gift it to someone with an appreciation for historical artifacts. This isn't just a purchase; it's an investment in a piece of heritage that has weathered centuries, ready to be passed down to future generations. Buy the Koei Goto Tsuba today and own a piece of the samurai legacy.

A Perfect Gift For...

This authentic Koei Goto Tsuba would make an ideal gift for:

  1. History Enthusiasts: People who love to delve deep into the histories of different cultures and eras would surely appreciate this item as it provides a tactile connection to Japan's illustrious past.

  2. Japanese Art Collectors: Those who collect Japanese art and artifacts would be thrilled to add this authentic piece to their collection, especially because of its unique origin and the recognized artist who crafted it.

  3. Samurai Culture Fans: Anyone fascinated by the samurai era, their traditions, ethics, and lifestyle would appreciate this authentic piece of their legacy.

  4. Martial Arts Practitioners: Martial artists, especially those practicing Japanese martial arts, might value the Tsuba as a symbol of the samurai spirit.

  5. Antique Collectors: This Tsuba, being a centuries-old artifact, would be a valuable addition to any antique collection.

  6. Teachers and Professors: This Tsuba would be an invaluable educational tool for teachers, especially those who teach history, art, or culture.

  7. Interior Designers: With its unique design and historical significance, this Tsuba could serve as a conversation-starting centerpiece in a home or office decor scheme.

  8. Cultural Gift Enthusiasts: Those who prefer to give and receive gifts that carry cultural significance or tell a story would find this Tsuba a perfect choice.

  9. Sword Enthusiasts: Those interested in swords and sword-making would likely be thrilled to receive an authentic Tsuba as a gift.

  10. Museum Curators: Such a well-preserved, authentic piece could be a fascinating addition to a museum collection.


  • Edo Era Piece ca. 450 years old
  • Type: Tsuba Katana Sword Guard
  • Style: Carved Iron
  • Length:  6.4 cm
  • Width: 5.9 cm
  • Thickness: 0.5 cm
  • Weight: 86.3 grams
  • Markings: Signed by Koei Goto, a craftsman from the Edo era in 1600's Japan
  • Verified and guaranteed authentic

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