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UNIQUE FINDS: .9999 Pure Gold SEM Disk

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Introducing the UNIQUE FINDS: .9999 Pure Gold SEM Disk - A Fusion of Science, Art, and Luxury

Crafted with utmost precision, this disk is more than just a stunning piece of gold. With a purity of 99.99%, it's a symbol of rarity, innovation, and elegance. Originally designed as a sputtering target for Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), it now finds a new life as a distinctive desktop ornament.


  • Material: .9999 Pure Gold, known for its brilliant luster and timeless value.
  • Dimensions: 57mm Diameter x 0.1mm Thick, a delicate balance of form and substance.
  • Technology: Once used in SEM, a powerful technique for viewing the microscopic world, now transformed into a conversation piece.

Perfect For:

  • Tech and Science Aficionados: Celebrate the union of technology and aesthetics.
  • Unique Gift Seekers: Impress with a gift that resonates with elegance and innovation.
  • Collectors of Rare Items: Add an extraordinary piece to your collection.

Limited Availability: With only one available, this gold disk represents an exclusive opportunity to own a piece of technological history crafted in pure gold.

Why Own This Unique Find? Not only does this disk reflect your appreciation for science and beauty, but it also stands as a testament to human ingenuity and the wonders of the material world.

Invest in a piece that transcends ordinary decoration. Embrace the UNIQUE FINDS: .9999 Pure Gold SEM Disk and allow it to spark conversations and inspire minds. Order now before this one-of-a-kind treasure is gone forever.


  • 57mm diameter
  • 0.1mm thickness
  • .9999 pure gold
  • 3.60 g
  • Authenticity verified and guaranteed


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