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Titanium & Carbon Fiber Bolt Action Pen

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Titanium + carbon fiber

A pen with a brilliant combination of titanium and carbon fiber

Meet our Bolt Action Pen in Titanium & Carbon Fiber - where style, function, and durability converge. This distinctive writing instrument, crafted from high-grade titanium and carbon fiber, guarantees robustness and longevity.

The pen's standout feature is its bolt action mechanism, adding an engaging mechanical aspect to your daily writing. This feature ensures a smooth operation, providing reliability and a satisfying tactile experience each time you click to write.

The body, fashioned from lightweight yet sturdy carbon fiber, promises comfortable use for extended periods. Its sleek, modern aesthetic makes it an attention-grabbing piece sure to captivate.

At the business end of the pen, you'll find a tungsten steel tip that serves as a reliable glass-breaking tool, adding an extra layer of functionality. It's a safety feature that could prove invaluable in emergency situations, making this pen not only an exceptional writing tool but also a potential lifesaver.

Whether for everyday use, as a unique gift, or as a premium addition to a pen collection, our Bolt Action Pen is a testament to the powerful marriage of form and function. Write with a tool that's engineered to impress and built to perform under pressure.


  1. The Gadget Lover - This person is fascinated by all things mechanical and loves unique gadgets. The bolt action feature of the pen would certainly intrigue them.

  2. The Adventurer - Often faced with unpredictable situations, outdoor adventurers will appreciate the multi-functionality of the pen, including the tungsten steel glass-breaking tip.

  3. The Writer - Whether they're jotting down ideas or drafting a novel, writers would appreciate the comfort and smooth operation of this writing tool.

  4. The Professional - Those who want to make a statement in their professional lives would enjoy the sophisticated design and premium materials of this pen.

  5. The EDC (Everyday Carry) Enthusiast - People who value functional and versatile tools to carry daily will find this pen a worthy addition to their EDC kit.

  6. The Safety Conscious - Those who prioritize personal safety and preparedness would appreciate the practical utility of the pen's glass-breaking tip.

  7. The Collector - Individuals who collect unique and high-quality pens would certainly love to add this to their collection.


  • Length: 135mm
  • Diameter: 12mm
  • Weight: 30.8g

The pen is operated by a bolt mechanism that is delightfully satisfying to use.

Premium materials: TC4 Titanium + Tungsten Steel + Carbon Fiber

Customer Reviews

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Raul Moreno



The bolt pen is beautiful In design and construction. Classy lines and sleek color. Love that it can help me in an emergency with the glass breaker.

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