Titanium Puzzle Set: Coaster + Bottle opener

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Each piece is an identical titanium bottle opener that fits together perfectly. You'll be the hero of every party!

  • Weight: 43g
  • Length: 70mm
  • Width: 70mm
  • Thickness: 2mm


Introducing a solid titanium coaster set that will be the life of the party!

Thanks to your help we raised $43,409 with our Titanium Perpetual Calendar here on Kickstarter!

Our titanium puzzle coaster set solves problems we had at our own parties:

  • Nobody uses coasters, because they are usually wet, dirty and stacked
  • Everyone is always looking for a bottle opener (usually an ugly one)
  • If people do use coasters, they are a pain to unstack and clean
  • A lot of coasters we were using were not environmentally friendly

We solved all of these problems with our Titanium Puzzle coaster!

Instead of stacking, these coasters lock together and lay flat.

Each piece is identical and functions as a bottle opener. You'll be the hero of every party!

The puzzle pieces are perfectly sized for most cups. The puzzle-shaped coasters are unique and fun, adding another dimension to your get-togethers.

Each piece is thick, solid titanium. It will last forever and never corrode.

Simple to wipe clean, won't stain.

Protected on the underside with a soft non-slip cushion.

Modern titanium brushed finish.

You can also have a party by yourself

Why We Love 100% Titanium

  • The most biocompatible and safe metal for the human body.
  • The only element that your body fully accepts - even bone will grow around it.
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion, nearly equivalent to platinum.
  • Less than half the density of steel, perfectly weighted for a quality feel.
  • Durable, a true heirloom piece to last generations.

Each piece is precisely cut from a 2mm thick piece of solid titanium plate using a computer-guided EDM wire for a perfect fit. The perfect gift if you want to make someone else the hero of their party!

About Athlone Designs

At Athlone designs, we love making cool things out of metal. This is our 2nd Kickstarter, we just finished successfully fulfilling our first!

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